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15 Christmas Cookie Recipes


15 Christmas Cookie Recipes

We are in the thick of holiday cooking/baking season and everyone’s presents are still at the store! So, I’ve decided to do the most logical thing: bake a bunch of cookies. I figured you probably wanted to bake up some cookies too so here are a collection of 15 Christmas Cookie Recipes just for you!

Iced Oatmeal Cookies – These flat, thin iced oatmeal cookies have been the most baked cookie of this December. They are flawless, perfectly crispy and soft all at the same time. Oatmeal everything!

15 Christmas Cookie Recipes

Vegan Chocolate Chip Cookies – I love these vegan CC cookies. They don’t “taste” vegan, they don’t have that weird texture some vegan baked goods can have. They’re perfection.

15 Christmas Cookie Recipes

Alfajores – I love these alfajores so much. They remind me of childhood and baking with my family. They’ll melt in your mouth and the sweet manjar blanco on the inside is such a treat.

15 Christmas Cookie Recipes

Sesame Chocolate Chip Cookies – These are loaded with sesame seeds and toasted sesame oil. They are that perfect balance of savory and sweet.

15 Christmas Cookie Recipes

Strawberry and Cream Cookies – They’re very festive looking, if I do say. The white and red/pink color are perfect for the holidays.

15 Christmas Cookie Recipes

Espresso Chocolate Chip Cookies – Do you love coffee/espresso AND cookies. Then this is a match-made in heaven because these taste like both.

15 Christmas Cookie Recipes

Corgi Chai Cookies – These are roll out cookies that aren’t annoying and actually taste good. These are shaped like a corgi but feel free to use whatever cookie cutter you have!

Miso White Chocolate Chip Cookies – Miso adds a lovely savoriness to other wise super sweet white chocolate, creating a lovely little balance.

Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies – I love oatmeal cookies. Period. These have chocolate chip cookies because I figured why ruin them with raisins! But if you are gonna put raisins in them, please put golden raisins. Thank you.

Chewy Chai Masala Snickerdoodles – These are cookies with flavor! FLAVOR. I love how chewy and soft they are. They’re delicious.

Gingerbread Crinkle Cookies – Inspired by all the crinkle cookies of the season but with a gingerbread take on them. These are soft and chewy, too.

Chai Masala Chocolate Chip Cookies – I love chocolate chip cookies of every iteration. These have a whole lot of spices in it that complement the chocolate so very much.

Bourbon Pecan Chocolate Chip Cookies – Bourbon and pecan are dreamy together. A true marriage that works. Because there is alcohol involved lol.

Chewy Pistachio Oat Lace Cookies – I love pistachios and oatmeal together. I’m not a big oatmeal in the morning eater but man do I love it in cookies.

Brown Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies – Brown butter adds all the flavor. It’s a subtle nuttiness that I love in all cookies, including these.

How to Freeze Cookie Dough – Every time I post a cookie recipe, the chorus asks, “CAN I FREEZE THESE?!” I get it. I truly do. So here’s a whole blog post teaching you how to do that with nearly every cookie ever.

How to Freeze Cookie Dough

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A Cozy Kitchen Gift Guide 2019


A Cozy Kitchen Gift Guide 2019

This A Cozy Kitchen Gift Guide 2019 is a list of tools and items I use on the regular! They help make cooking and baking easy, organized and stress-free. Buy them for yourself or your favorite human!

1. KitchenAid Artisan Mixer (Almond Cream) – I have this mixer (though I use the Architect KitchenAid which has since been discontinued *TEARS!*). I used the Artisan for years (and still have it that I keep as a backup). It’s super pretty in this Almond Cream color.

2. Pyrex Measuring Set – I have two of these measuring sets and love it! I often times will treat the 8 cup like a big bowl for omelettes and pancake batters. The smaller ones always provide super accurate volume measurements. And I love that the glass doesn’t absorb smells or stains.

3. Vitamix A3500 Ascent Series Blender – For years I had a Ninja and I LOVED it. It was super loud (the only caveat). I gave it to my mom and replaced it with this Vitamix. It’s SO pretty and quiet. It blends up sauces, smoothies, soups and pestos like a dream.

4. The Year of Cozy – This is my cookbook which I personally *hello bias opinion!* think is a wonderful gift. AND there’s a big deal on the book!

5. Le Creuset 3 1/2 Signature Cast Iron Braiser – I use this braiser for SO many things. Arroz con pollo, macaroni and cheese, roasting a chicken, etc. I have it in meringue and it’s SO pretty, too.

6. Pyrex Meal Prep Set – I love these glass storage containers for food because, again, they don’t stain or absorb odors. If I leave something in here that’s turns scary (you know, because I forgot about it), all it needs is a trip to the dishwasher with some super hot water.

7. Boos Block (in Medium Size) – I love this Boos Block though I use it for things that don’t stain (like bread, some vegetables and making a sandwich).

8. USA 9×13 Cake Pan – I’m a sheet pan enthusiast (evidence: here, here , here and here). And am actually buying this for myself this week because my old 9×13 cake pan has gone through the ringer and *cough* my husband might’ve ruined it.

9. Olive Oil Dispenser – I’ve had this for a few years and use it daily! It’s another thing that lives right next to my stove and I grab for it on the regular.

10. Nordic Ware Half Sheet Pans – I have a handful of these sheet pans and I use them for everything from baking cookies to roasting vegetables to even roasting a turkey. The 1-inch rim that goes all the way around makes them very versatile. And the light colored stainless steel won’t burn your cookies or biscuits.

11. Le Creuset 5 1/2-quart Dutch Oven  – These Dutch Ovens come in a few sizes: 3 1/2 quart, 5 1/4-quart and 7 1/4-quart. Buy according to the size of the friends and family you cook for. For me, I use the 3 1/2 quart ALL the time. And I love the 5 1/4 quart, too.

12. Peugot PepperMill – This is another thing that is parked right next to my stove and it’s amazing. I’ve had it for a few years now and it’s equally pretty and attractive and efficient.

13. Le Creuset 5pc. Utensil Set (in color “Meringue”) – This is a new addition to my kitchen and it’s so pretty parked right next to my stove. The spatulas are super sturdy and the brush tool is my favorite because it’s nice and wide.

14. Instant Pot 6-Quart – I love my Instant Pot and I use it ALL the time. Billy gifted this to me last Christmas and I use it at least once or twice a month. During colder months, even more often!

15. OXO Stainless Steel Cups – I used to use cute measuring cups but now I’m more practical and I want guaranteed reliability and accuracy. These cup measurements are great.

16. OXO Stainless Steel Measuring Spoons – These measuring spoons are super accurate and I love that instead of having that annoying ring that holds them together, they’re magnetic so they secure together.

(A Cozy Kitchen Gift Guide 2019 contains affiliate links. I may earn a small commission from purchases!)

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