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Snack Board with Three Dips

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Appetizers for Dinner has always been a favorite of mine. I think it started with an episode of My-So-Called-Life when Rayanne’s mother threw some frozen dumplings in the microwave and Rayanne was super bummed about not being cooked “a real dinner.”

Since my mom was always, like, super healthy and demanded we have a very full/healthy cooked dinner, an appetizer-driven dinner always sounded like heaven to me.

I like to think that this snacking board is the best of both worlds because it’s healthy AND filling enough where you can totally eat it, be full and not feel bad about it one bit! It’s kidlike but totally appropriate for us grown-ups.

For this post I teamed up with my favorite, new-to-me vegetable ranch-flavored chips from where they’re super affordable and healthy and delicious.

They’re super light; they almost remind me a bit of a rice cracker but a million times better and more flavorful.

The carrot harissa dip might’ve been my favorite because I had never ever made a dip made of carrots before. I was a bit skeptical when I went through the testing process but the texture was amazing; I mean, I ended up adding walnuts because it was borderline too smooth.

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Classed-Up Double Decker Tacos

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Hello! Hi!

I’m alive. I am. I have been working vigorously to get the new brand-spankin’ new A Cozy Kitchen up and running. That monstrous recipe index undated and all tidy took WAY more work than we thought but it happened! Here we are! So fresh and clean. Today we’ll be tweaking the site so there might be slight changes here and there but for the most part, welcome to the new A Cozy Kitchen!! YAY!

Now that we’re up and going, I have SO many recipes I want to share with you all. I’m so glad to be back. If you’re a sports/snack fan, you might know that the Super Bowl is this Sunday! On paper I’m rooting for the Falcons because Georgia is my homestate, my birth state, so go Falcons (sorta!). But I’m mainly team snacks. I’m guessing we’re all on that team.

I went to college in sort of a small town in North Carolina so at night, when we were all super bored, my friends and I would go to the 24-hour Wal-Mart. We would oddly have so much fun at Wal-Mart. We also went to all the chain restaurants, everything from Olive Garden to Macaroni Grill to TGIFriday’s. I hold all of them very close to my heart because of this time. Another 2am stop was Taco Bell. This was usually post Wal-Mart trip and we were usually in not the most soberest of states.

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Jerusalem Bagel Dogs + Harissa Ketchup

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Jerusalem Bagel Dogs

It is fall!!! FINALLY. I know it’s been fall all over the entire country for a few weeks now, but not in LA. Yesterday I wore a sweater and didn’t sweat! And Josh made homemade tortallini stuffed with chicken confit, while I made one of those pumpkin loaf mixes from Trader Joe’s. If you’ve entered a TJ’s recently, you know that it is bursting with pumpkin stuff. The mix wasn’t half bad but I kinda wished I made it homemade, from scratch because we have a huge surplus of pumpkin puree because it’s Amelia’s favorite.

No pumpkin recipe today, maybe next week. But we do have another v v sweater weather-friendly recipe: Molly’s Jerusalem Bagel Dogs!!

Jerusalem Bagel Dogs

Jerusalem Bagel Dogs

These were inspired by the Jerusalem bagels Molly had on her adventures to Israel where apparently zaa’tar comes in drug bags?!?!? Cool.

This recipe comes from her new book, Molly on the Range, which is so fun and cool and special. If you read through it, you’ll know very random things about Molly that will make you feel a little like a stalker, but she won’t mind, like…:

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