A Cozy Kitchen Renovation!!!: Part 2



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Before we start, here’s a link to Part 1 in case you missed it!

If you’ve been following the kitchen renovation on the Insta Stories this is all old news to you BUT I figured it’d put a legit update on this here space to show you where we are in renovation land.

It has been a pretty fun learning experience. A lot of people told me that the four week estimate that we were aiming for probably wasn’t going to actually stick and they were right. We’re currently four weeks in and we’re kinda far from being done.

The first thing that was done was the demo. PHEW! This might’ve been my favorite part. It was so dramatic and really made me laugh because it was so crazy how different the space took.

When they emptied the space, they found corroded, rusty pipes and nearly all of them had to be replaced. They put nice, new pipes and beautiful copper pipes.

They also replaced ALL of the electrical in the kitchen, which hadn’t been updated since who knows when. Eventually the entire house’s electrical will have to be replaced—woohoo :/

After they updated the electrical and the plumping, they put insulation in the walls (there was literally zero before!), put up the walls, dry wall and started the floors.

The floors are pretty awesome! So when they took up the vinyl floors, they found the original base boards which actually were douglas fir. They put in beautiful base boards back in the day. But a lot of it was corroded and had water damage. There were squares they had to cut out and replace. Also, one layer of the vinyl floors (there were 3 layers of them!), had this sticky concrete stuff and it would’ve ruined the floors if we ripped them up.

We had already ordered the tile so it wasn’t that hard of a decision for us to cover them up.

The tiles we used look a lot like hard wood but in fact they’re tile, which is great for a kitchen.

While all the noise goes on, Amelia just wishes she could go in the kitchen and be friends with the guys working.

I’m really hard on kitchens because I cook sooooo much. There are always spills, etc., so tile is really what would make the most sense.

The floors are all done and they’re looking good!!

We went with a dark grey grout because I couldn’t imagine myself on my hands and knees cleaning white or light colored grout on the kitchen floor.

I also think it adds some nice contrast and dimension to the floors.

Next up, as in this week, is painting. We’re painting the ceilings, the window sashes and trim and the walls.

After that is the cabinet install, the marble install (WOHOOO!!) and basically everything else.

We’re also doing this amazing plastered type walls so that’s happening this week, too!

Check Insta Stories for more updates!

Also, here’s the good ol’ collage from the very start that we’re actually still sticking to. If you’re doing a renovation, I find these collages to be SUPER helpful just to see everything together.

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  1. This house looked awesome! If you’d need to have your window and gutter cleaned, you should book an appointment now with clear view. They are the best in town!

  2. I love how everything turned out. The kitchen looks amazing. I wished their was a video that showed the before an afters!!

  3. Gosh looks amazing! Thank you for sharing this with us all. It’s so exciting watching your journey into kitchen renovation.

  4. The floor looks great. One thing I didn’t do when I had tile installed in my house is save an empty bag of grout so I’d know the color and manufacturer of the grout. It seems like a strange thing to do (which is probably why I didn’t save it), but my house shifted a little after the tile went in causing grout to come up in a few places. I have 13″ X 13″ tiles and there are about six tiles with at least one side of grout missing. Plus it can give over the years. And having the empty bag would help better match the color if they didn’t make it anymore. But since I don’t want to end up with a totally different color grout, I have a rug over it. LOL

    1. Oh that’s a great idea!! Thanks so much for that tip, I’m definitely going to get them to do that.

    2. You can get a piece of grout from your tile and go to a store that sells grout to match the colour. If the lines of grout are under 1/8″ buy un-sanded.

  5. I just stayed at a place in Palm Springs that had the wood-looking tile. It’s beautiful and so practical! No scuffing! #magical