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You guys have seen the movie Spanglish, right? Came out a few years ago, about a maid who sort of falls in love with her married boss, who coincidentally happens to be the “best” chef in America. The movie isn’t terrible; Tea Leoni is kinda funny in it. And the relationship between Adam Sandler and Paz Vega is interesting, but the most unforgettable part of the movie is this sandwich.

One evening after a late night at the restaurant, Adam Sandler’s character comes home and makes a sandwich. Not just any sandwich. But the best sandwich ever created.

The sandwich is actually pretty simple and relies heavily on good quality ingredients. It’s on a white, rustic bread. One slice has melted cheese (monterey jack, to be specific), the other slice has a swipe of mayonnaise, butter lettuce, fresh tomato slices and bacon. Oh and a fried egg over easy, which makes it a tad bit messy, but really just results in it being totally awesome.

You may be wondering how I learned how to make this thing. Well, one night when I was bored out of my mind I decided to watch the special features on the DVD and there it was: a two minute video featuring Thomas Keller making the sandwich in the movie, alongside Adam Sandler.

I think it might’ve been that night when I ran to the store to get all of the ingredients and made it for the first time. Soon after, it was my go-to meal I made when people came over. It was the first meal I ever mastered and could make in my sleep. I served it to all my friends and they all loved it.

Did you have a go-to, sure fire meal that you know will please anyone it comes in contact with? Doesn’t it feel awesome to know a dish will work out?

Spanglish Sandwich

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Recipe by Thomas Keller

Yields 1 sandwich

3 slices of bacon

2 slices of country white bread (or of your choice)

2 slices of monterey jack cheese

1/2 tsp of mayonnaise

2 pieces of butter lettuce

2 slices of tomato

1 egg

salt and pepper to taste

In a medium-sized pan over medium heat, fry up your bacon. When it’s done, remove from the pan and drain on a paper towel. Place your monterey jack cheese on one slice of bread and place it under the broiler until melted (I did it in a conventional oven). Take the other slice of bread and spread the 1/2 tsp of mayonnaise (you can obviously add more if you like).

If you have a non-stick pan, melt butter over medium heat and fry your egg.

If you’re using a skillet like I have pictured above, drizzle a tablespoon of olive oil in the pan. When it’s hot, crack your egg and fry until done.

Assemble the sandwich, placing the bacon on the slice with the cheese and the lettuce, tomato and fried egg on the other. Sprinkle with a bit of salt and pepper and bring the two slices together. Cut in half and enjoy.

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  1. You got a really useful blog I have been here reading for about half an hour. I am a newbie and your post is valuable for me.

  2. This like an ultimate, and it sounds delicious (minus the mayo). I think i may to make this with my own spint on it, thanks for sharing. and I never did get around to watching all of Spanglish, but now I’ll have to rent it just because 🙂

  3. I thought this looked familiar! I saw Spanglish for the first time last week – you’re right, not a bad movie (I feel like it could have been so much better…). This sandwich looks … and I bet tastes … terrific. <3

  4. This looks like Sunday sleep-in, wake-up-to-brunch food.

    I find that the bowls I buy from Anthropologie I use on a daily basis, too. Man Shops Globe well. Very well.

  5. We call that a BELT, I eat these all the time, except I don’t use mayo and smear the bread with avocado, yummy!

  6. This sounds insanely delicious. I lived in Madrid for a while, and while there were some aspects of the cuisine I loathed, there are definitely also some aspects that I miss. Things like this sandwich would definitely top the “missed” list. Yum. I always lust over your recipes, but this might actually be the one I have enough kitchen prowess to make!