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My dream has come true. I’m now the official dog mama to a baby corgi named Amelia.

That’s right, Amelia…like Amelia Bedelia. Amelia is a really pretty name–it’s child-worthy, actually–but dude, did I loooove those books as a kid.

Amelia Bedelia did her housekeeping duties so literally, like that time she put sponges into a sponge cake. And this baby corgi is literally the cutest thing I’ve ever laid eyes on. The name fits.

When I first saw her, I cried. I’m guessing it was one part charming and one part terrifying. There was just so much raw Adrianna-LOVES-corgis-emotion running through my lil’ body that I just couldn’t help it.

This blog post is all about her first walk. I was an epic one. (Not really.) And I’d like to introduce you two…

The thing about puppies that you don’t realize is that they’re like babies. BIG babies.

They need constant attention, they sleep in only 3-4 hour increments and they cry whenever they’re confused.

Amelia is incredibly confused about reflections. The mirror is her enemy!

Amelia is also confused with collars and walking in an orderly fashion.

She’d much rather walk in a jig-jag pattern sans order.

She also doesn’t understand why she can’t chew my shoe laces as she’s walks down the street.

That would be an ideal situation for her!

This is her “I think walking a lot is stupid” face. She’s tired and lazy and wants to take a break.

So she does. And looks ridiculously cute while doing so.

We called her name excitedly, tugged and pulled her collar with no luck. Amelia was tired, man. She was over it. So she got her way and was carried the rest of the way home.

I have to say, 2012 was one of the best years yet. It was filled with some challenges, for sure, but it also was filled with so much food, friends, Joshua and now, Amelia.

I’ve never been so excited for the future.

Wishing you all the very best in 2013. Thank you so much for being here. I appreciate you!


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  1. so cute! i wish julius (my dog) could have a playdate but he’s an asshole to puppies. maybe when she gets bigger they can date…

  2. awww so cute! congrats! what a nice name too. xx. gigi. food and beauty blogger @

  3. How cute!! You are so right about puppies being babies! I have a samoyed (featured here on my blog: ChickadeeSays If you want to check her out) that is about a year and a half and she acts JUST like a toddler!

    Good luck on being a new dog mom! You’ll love it!

    xx Kait

  4. Congrats on the lil PUP!! She’s adorable 🙂 I just got a pup this year too, and it definitely keeps you on your toes! Excited to see more pics and some homemade pup treats too 😉

  5. She’s so cute! I love her name, and our little puppy was just like that with the walking in zig zags, lol too excited to walk straight! Hehe! I can’t wait to see more photos! Congratulations on your new addition 🙂 and Happy 2013!

  6. My name is Amelia and I want a corgi more than any other puppy, so this post pretty much killed me. Have fun with her!

    1. Aw yay! Haha. I’ve wanted a corgi (and any puppy, really) for, like, 10 years. Dream come true. And thank you!

  7. Corgis are the cutest! And not in an So Ugly They’re Cute kind of way…but a HOLY CROW that dog is cute kind of way! She’s adorable, congratulations!!

    1. Right? What’s funny is I’ve always loved corgis because they’re kind of ugly, but this puppy is ugly in NO WAY.

  8. Congratulations on becoming a puppy mama! My heart practically burst for you while reading this post – dreams do come true! Enjoy your little Amelia – she is so sweet!