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Adrianna Adarme

Detroit Style Pizza

Dinner, Pizza

This Detroit Style Pizza recipe has a thick, delicious yeasted crust. It’s topped with the perfect amount of sauce, melty cheesy and a blanket of pepperoni cups. And while most recipes require a 24-hour ferment, this recipe takes a fraction of the time!

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Lamb Burgers

Dinner, Quick and Easy

These lamb burgers are made with grass-fed lamb from New Zealand. The flavor is earthy and rich. They are grilled with a salt and pepper and built on a buttery brioche bun with whipped feta, lettuce, tomato and grilled red onion.

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Carne Asada Tacos


This carne asada tacos recipe is made with grass-fed beef from New Zealand. The skirt steak is marinated in lime juice, spices and garlic. It’s grilled over a super high heat, resulting in flavorful, earthy and delicious carne asada. Serve it with tortillas, avocado, salsas and cotija for a delicious dinner.

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