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Let’s make some Profiteroles!

Whoa! December, where did you come from? These upcoming weeks are gonna be intense, right? Holiday parties, pretty dresses and tights, shopping, lots of to-do lists.

It’s time to take a break. Sit in front of the TV, watch It’s a Wonderful Life, paint your nails….and then when they dry, get your Profiterole makin’ on!

Consider learning how to make this cream puff dough like a gateway recipe to all things awesome. For instance, once you get this down you can make Profiteroles (see above), eclairs and all sorts of other pastries. You see, when you open them up there’ll be a gigantic, gaping whole. It’s meant for you to fill it with all sorts of custards, cremes, or in this case, ice cream.

Amazing. And surprisingly not too, too difficult.

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