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Potato Chip Caramel Ice Cream Sandwiches


Potato Chip Caramel Ice Cream Sandwiches

One of my favorite past times is to eat potato chips while watching a movie. Seems like a simple idea but it gets complicated really quickly. It always requires for me to inevitably turn up the volume up REALLY loudly because the crunchy sound from the potato chips interrupts the movie (I can’t hear!) and then I have to rewind and re-watch some parts.

This is sort of a better idea, combining dessert with snack time, resulting in an ice cream sandwich that is chocolate-y, crunchy, caramel-y and overall super awesome. The one downfall? Ice cream sandwiches get melty and messy; life is full of challenges!

Potato Chip Caramel Ice Cream Sandwiches

Potato Chip Caramel Ice Cream Sandwiches

For this post I teamed up with Kettle Brand Chips (my all-time favorite is the Sea Salt & Vinegar) to bring you this fun, summer-filled recipe. The cookies are soft and chewy; the perfect cookie for ice cream sandwiches. If the cookies are crunchy or hard the ice cream will spill out the sides—not ideal!

Crushed potato chips are folded into the batter, chocolate is melted on top and then more pulverized potato chips are sprinkled on top of the chocolate, almost like how you would do with sea salt.

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Doughnut Ice Cream


Doughnut Ice Cream //

It was the day before Valentine’s day and I was contemplating what I should make for Josh as a present. I settled on doughnut ice cream and was taking Amelia for her right-before-evening walk. I started contemplating the execution: soaking the doughnuts, infusing them in the milk vs. pureeing them in a blender with the milk and cream and then straining them.

We walk past the elementary school and out walks Sebastian. He’s six-ish, wearing a backpack that’s filled with way too many books, making it practically the size of him. He waves at Amelia and she immediately starts shaking her body with excitement like she’s doing The Twist. Sebastian asks if he can walk her to the corner and I say ok. We start to walk and he begins to tell me how he loves corgis and how they’re The Queen’s dog.

He then asks if he can run and have her chase him in the field attached to the school. I say ok again and let her off the leash. He bolts down the field, she takes off, trying her hardest to catch up. They both run in the street and almost give me a heart attack, which makes me scream at both of them, asking if they’re lunatics. They come back and my stomach reenters my body. They run back and forth back and forth. Staring at their young energy makes me feel old, it makes me wish I was the one who was running, which is absurd because it could be. All I’d have to do is just run.

Doughnut Ice Cream //

Sebastian falls to the grass and Amelia starts licking his face and he’s laughing and saying ew and laughing some more until finally Amelia stops and lays next to him. The sun is setting in this way only Los Angeles can set a sun. Hues of pink and blue and coral shoot out from the horizon making me contemplate God and nature and everything I say I don’t believe in. It’s transcendent.

I sit in the grass with them and listen while Sebastian tells me a confusing story, the way six-year-olds tell stories. I listen and nod and smile and listen some more and say to myself this is what good is. Sebastian’s brother calls him and they head home. Amelia and I walk off in the opposite direction to finish our walk.

And then I come home and make some of the best ice cream I’ve ever made.

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Roasted Plum Ice Cream


Roasted Plum Ice Cream //

All I want to talk about right now is Beyonce’s new haircut. Did you see this? I’m not sure how I feel about it. Actually, I know. I don’t like it. I just don’t. I like old Beyonce. What was wrong with old Beyonce?!?!? I also don’t like change. Like, I’ll probably never use Instagram video, ever.

Anyway, I had to get that out of the way. Now I’m going to gush all about this roasted plum ice cream and how obsessed I am. I had serious plum-plans for some super fancy Santa Rosa plums that promised the world. They still had leaves attached and were still dusty … but I ate ’em. All. I ended up having to go back to the normal grocery store to get more plums for this ice cream. Normal plums are the best! I roasted them with a little brown sugar and salt and the results were ridiculous.

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Homemade Orange Sherbet


Homemade Orange Sherbet //

Umm…okay, so I just learned that orange sherbet is not spelled orange sherBERT. No ‘r.’ Why is it pronounced like sorbet if we don’t pronounce it like that? Why make our lives more difficult, English language?! Why?!

It has been my dream for the last few weeks to make homemade trashy rainbow sherbet, but without all the food coloring. I’m still trying to figure that out in my brain because we need to do that. Growing up I had a serious fondness of orange sherbet, especially the variety that came in those gigantic plastic tubs with the plastic lid on it. I loved orange sherbet. I still do, except now I’m not really down with eating the stuff with weird chemicals and stuff. I want a natural situation.

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Peach Swirl Buttermilk Ice Cream



My love for ice cream began very early; some doctors would probably argue that it was too early. (See last picture in this Father’s Day post for proof.) I believe I first tried ice cream when I was still on the bottle, probably around 3 months old. My dad gave me a taste because, well, I didn’t need any teeth – no teeth required! – to enjoy his favorite evening, indulgence. And to this day, my dad eats a bowl of ice cream every. single. night. One of the best birthday presents I ever gave him was an ice cream maker. He became obsessed, mastering a ton of ice cream recipes, but mainly perfecting his vanilla bean recipe. Simple things are tough!

This ice cream right here is tart, sweet with bright coral swirls. Hello! I realize I’m repeating myself with this swirl business. Everything lately is getting a swirl. Also, everything that’s sweet is also salty. I can’t help it! I’m a woman obsessed.

This post is brought to you in collaboration with Real California Milk. I had no idea until they sent me a fun fact sheet, but the state of California produces more ice cream than any other state in the United States, which basically means California is the best.

Peach Swirl Buttermilk Ice Cream //

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Mexican Chocolate Chile Ice Cream


Mexican Chocolate Chile Ice Cream

Have you ever photographed ice cream?! Good gracious. Talk about stress, man. I shot four ice cream recipes in about two hours, which is crazy fast for me. (Typically I move painfully slow.) It had nothing to do with efficiency–but rather, total panic. There I was with glamorous streaks of creme anglaise in my hair, running from room to room, looking for the scooper, the lens cleaner, the omg! I hate shooting ice cream – never again! Amelia thought photographing ice cream was a new and fun game so of course she bolted from room to room right behind me. She also starred lovingly at the melty, drippy ice cream. She would’ve eaten it–she’s not a discriminator!

In the second installment of Ice Cream Week on A Cozy Kitchen I bring you this week’s underdog. This recipe started as simple, but-very-important-to-me coffee ice cream. Not just any coffee ice cream but coffee ice cream made with some of my favorite coffee in LA. But then I got distracted and started cleaning out my horrid spice drawer and found treasures. TREASURES, I tell you. So, it quickly evolved into this Mexican chocolate situation. I debated on a name. I considered Mole Ice Cream but then someone on Twitter said it sounds like moles are in ice cream, like, the animal, so I decided against it–I think it was a good move.

There are no animals NOR spies in this ice cream. Just awesome spices, an ancho chile pepper, some coffee and well…take the jump Continue Reading

Salty Honey Ice Cream


Salty Honey Ice Cream // A Cozy Kitchen

You guys, Ice Cream Week is here, in full effect, on A Cozy Kitchen. And I’m excited! Who’s with me?!

Every day this week I’ll be throwing a new ice cream recipe your way. Maybe there’ll be lots of berries up in ice cream, maybe some malt balls, most likely there’ll be some chocolate and there might even be some waffle cone slingin’, who knows.

Back in January when it was freezing cold (even in LA), all I could dream about was summah-time fun like slip n’ slides, sitting in the sun wearing sunnies (I secretly hate that word), and most of all, ice cream-making. I had this idea of dedicating a whole week to just ice cream. So, here we are…Ice Cream Week!

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Rocky Road, Two Ways

Chocolate, Cookies, Desserts

What’s uuuuuuup?!

Oh what am I doing, you ask?

Nothing much…just plugged away this weekend…curing big world problems…like the issue of how to get Rocky Road in your face (sans Rocky Road ice cream). Were you aware this was an issue? It totally WAS. Don’t worry; I figured it out.

First way: this milkshake. Sure you can use rocky road ice cream. I realize this. But then you wouldn’t have toasted marshmallow. And really that’s the whole thing about this milkshake. I was totally in it for the burnt marshmallows.

Then there are these Rocky Road cookies. Chocolate making out with chocolate, walnuts and marshmallows all folded in. Ma-jor.

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Blackberry Semi-Freddo



A Cozy Kitchen officially got upgraded, didn’t it? What do you think? Like? Love?

Before we dive into this ice cream specimen above, I’d like to thank (and introduce you all) to one of my best lady friends, Teri Lyn Fisher.  Besides being super weird and hilarious, she’s also an amazing food/interior photographer. And since she’s basically good at about everything, she also designed every element of this blog, as well as designed and took the beautiful banner picture.

I’d also like to give a huge thanks and shout-out to Paul.  He took care of all the backend that goes into making a blog work.  Everything–for the first time–is properly categorized, tagged, etc. It’ll make for searching for recipes (and other key words) a whole lot easier.  He’s a pro at this stuff and I highly recommend getting in contact with him if you, too, need a little upgrade.

They both deserve lots of hugs…and cookies.

I think we should talk about ice cream now…

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Plantains, Two Ways

Appetizers, Sides, Snacks

Hi Monday, I’m usually not so excited about you but I have a cubano coffee in my hand, my sunglasses on and I’m dreaming about this vegan coconut ice cream and plantain combo (my new obsession). Not too shabs, not too shabs at all.

I learned a few things growing up in South Florida. 1) How to deal with frizzy hair.           2) That Florida is a place where old people get really awesome at tennis. 3) And how to make plantains.

This recipe is easy-peasy, totally Monday-proof. Buy two different types of plantains: dark brown and green. And then–in the same pan–make an appetizer (or side dish) and dessert.  Yes please! .

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