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Sweet Cherry Pie with a Rye Pie Crust

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Sweet Cherry Pie with a Rye Pie Crust

I’m maybe a little, only slightly, sort of obsessed with making pie right now. I can’t stop! And yes, a lot of it has to do with fruit just being so pretty right now. It all smells so fragrant, looks so cute, taste so delicious, ugh! But the main reason why I love making pie is the actual process. It’s therapeutic. (Not that I need therapy, really(?).)

The rolling, transferring, crimping, braiding, sealing, egg washing and so on is so soothing, peaceful and so in the moment. Making pie isn’t really stressful, but it does requires all of your attention. No texting, checking Instagram or thinking about emails that need to be sent or what to make for dinner. The only thing that matters when you’re making pie, is making pie because that stupid saying “easy as pie” is dumb and wrong.

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Apricot, Sage and Hazelnut Galette (with a lattice top!)


How to Lattice

I’ve been dreaming about making a cross between a galette and a real, legit pie with a lattice top since January. WHY?! Because why not. I figure it’s like a lazier version of a real pie, but slightly more ambitious than a traditional galette. Less rustic; less perfect. It’s all about meeting in the middle. (Also, my pie tin might’ve been sticky because I maybe used it to roast carrots in pomegranate molasses not expecting it to get all sticky and stuck. Just maybe.)

I wasn’t expecting to act on my January-galette-dream so soon. I thought it was too early to get all pie-like up in here…that was until I went to the farmer’s market this past Saturday and the apricots were being all fragrant and cute by still having their leaves attached. My favorite fruit is the fruit that looks like it was picked in my neighbor’s backyard.

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