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March Stuff!


March began the way I wish every month started: with a bounce house, snow cones and piñata shaped like an ice cream cone. It was my dude’s birthday, so I figured I’d do something fun and throw him a surprise party. This was my first go at throwing a surprise party and dude! did I get into it…

Planning a surprise party requires lots of lying. And for the record, I’m a super terrible liar. I kind of do this uncomfortable laugh when I lie–it’s majorly weird. So that entire week was full of lots of awkward conversations and me nervously laughing when speaking.

I learned that if you’re turning twenty-eight, a bounce house is a necessity. It proved for a pretty awesome time. And even Amelia got involved.

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Fried Avocado Tacos


Today is a really good day. It’s beautiful out, the birds are chirping, dogs are everywhere looking adorable and you look particularly cute. You always look cute, but today you look extra cute. New jeans?

Thought so…

I’m in a really good mood. I mean, it is Friday. Heeeeyyyy Friday, HEY! But mainly it’s because avocados are so incredibly perfect that they make me giddy.

Have we met people that hate avocados? Not sure I’ve ever come across a person. Hope they don’t exist, honestly. (That’s kind of harsh of me, isn’t it?!)

Avocados are perfect all on their own. We know this. Avocados are also awesome fried, placed in between a tortillas and sprinkled with radishes and cotija cheese.

Let’s talk about it!

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