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Corn Chorizo Hash

Breakfast, Dinner

Corn Chorizo Hash /

This week is going alright so far. I FINALLY scored some sour cherries (recipes coming soon!), I’ve been doing a ton of recipe testing for book stuff and last night I watched this woman from Real Housewives of New York throw her fake leg on the table. So all in all, I say it’s going pretty well!

Last week I had the great pleasure of making and eating this Corn and Chorizo Hash (with an egg on top, of course) for a very, very late lunch. There’s super spicy chorizo, fresh summer corn and potatoes cut into a small dice, which cuts down on the cook time, which also helps when you’re so hungry you feel like you might pass out. An egg on top was an absolute must because it’s the only way a hash story should end and because seriously what could be better than a drippy egg? A vacation, that’s what.

For the full recipe so you can recreate a delicious breakfast for lunch or dinner situation, go to PBS Food.

Tomorrow I’ll be back with a recipe that SCREAMS a good vacay moment.

Corn Chorizo Hash /

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Classic Buttermilk Chicken ‘n’ Waffles

Breakfast, Dinner

Chicken 'n' Waffles

I swear that in a few days I’m going to make something healthy for you but today? Chicken ‘n’ waffles, my fwiendz.

A few weeks ago, one of you lovely people told me that I make “happy food” and that seriously about made my day. I’m pretty positive that chicken ‘n’ waffles easily falls into that category.

I feel like happy food can be super powerful. It has the ability to make an already awesome, lazy Saturday morning even more lazy and fun; it can make a sucky Tuesday night, post-work, a little less sucky; and it can make a drunken 3am eating session into something nourishing.

Happy food is fun. I feel like we should collectively promise ourselves we’re going to eat lots of “fun food” before bathing suit season. Let’s eat waffles today and a salad tomorrow.

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Peaches ‘n Cream Pancakes

Breakfast, Pancakes

The thing I’m afraid of more than my usuals: failure, not having kids “on time,” my life not working out in general, is a scary murderer. I go through great lengths to avoid murderers.

I post Instagram photos of places I’m at only after I leave. I know all of you are super lovely BUT what about that one psycho, nut-job that wants to grind me up and put me in a hamburger, huh? That guy is scary. I don’t want him finding me at my favorite neighborhood coffee shop.

I also have a nightly ritual of checking every window (I live on the 2nd floor) and door in my apartment to make no one can get in. And, though, I kind of hate light in my face as I sleep, I’m always sure to have a few lights on throughout my apartment. I figure the scary murderer will think I’m up reading rather than sleeping and he’ll stay away.

You have to get in the head of a murderer, you know?! Some may think (read: my dad) that these kind of precautions are ridiculous, and maybe they are. They’re probably just a sign of my current single status and a result of living alone, which I actually enjoy, but WHATEVER MURDERERS ARE SCARY!

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