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Fluffy AF Cornbread Blueberry Pancakes

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So I’m proably the last person on earth who is now watching The Good Wife but let me tell you, it’s pretty good!

I’m very into the whole situation where the wife isn’t all that “good” and divorces her husband because he sucks. I think that’s a great bang to begin a series with, to be honest. Who knows where it will go because I’m literally only on episode 3 but we shall see!

Another thing I’m very into right now are fluffy pancakes that taste like cornbread, speckled with little blueberries. GAH. Brunch dreams right now.

Let me tell you truly fluffy pancakes are a little hard to achieve. If you add too much leavening then you end up with fluffy pancakes that then fall. You want just the right amount of baking powder to liquid.

The ratios are really important! I think I got the perfect ones in this recipe. The pancakes taste like cornbread with honey and the blueberries are so deliciously sweet and tart. I’m going to miss them dearly come the end of summer.

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Fluffy Ricotta Lemon-y Pancakes

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Fluffy Ricotta Lemon-y Pancakes from A Cozy Coloring Cookbook

It is official birthday season around these parts! Today is my birthday. And then next week is Amelia’s birthday (we’re both Libras, whatever that means). And then my brother’s birthday is the week after. YAY!

This means that my Abuelita calls me constantly hoping I got her card filled with a money order. When I was a bratty child, I would sort of roll my eyes but now as a very grown adult, I am so pumped to get her letter with a money order. I think it’s the cutest thing ever AND I love to say her name, how she signs it, in rapid Spanish, “Abuelita Margarita Maria.” It flows nicely.

Fluffy Ricotta Lemon-y Pancakes from A Cozy Coloring Cookbook

Fluffy Ricotta Lemon-y Pancakes from A Cozy Coloring Cookbook

This recipe is the first of the first that I’ll be sharing from my new book (!!!) A Cozy Coloring Cookbook, which is one part cookbook one part coloring book. I know, I can’t believe I’m coming out with another book because it felt like just yesterday when I came out with my little angel baby, The Year of Cozy.

SPEAKING OF THE YEAR OF COZY…do you live in Orange County? Do you not have a job…or at least a job that allows you to leave in the middle of the day for fun excursions? IF SO, come and meet me at Anthropologie at Fashion Island for a book signing.

Also Meghan from Real Housewives of OC has a candle shop in there and am excited to stop by. Haha.

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Buckwheat Pancakes (Dairy-Free, Gluten-Free but not gross!)

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Buckwheat Pancakes (Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free, but not gross!)

I promise to not talk about my cleanse, like, after this week but right now plz humor me. Earlier this week when my cleanse ended, I didn’t exactly want to go back to eating a plate full of nachos and slices of pie. I mean, I did, but at the same time I didn’t.

Buckwheat Pancakes (Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free, but not gross!)

I was no longer craving sugar, I didn’t want to go back. Instead, I was craving something healthy; surprisingly that was buckwheat pancakes. WHAT?!

Yes, it’s true. I haven’t really made pancakes in a very long time. But I was in the mood and since I was feeling lazy to cook, I went to a new sorta nearby restaurant that opened a while back. I ordered the buckwheat pancakes and thought they were aight but not fantastic. They were sort of super damp on the inside and not fluffy in the slightest.

Buckwheat Pancakes (Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free, but not gross!)

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