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Cheddar Rye Apple Hand Pies

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Cheddar Rye Apple Hand Pies

I gotta a new pie book in the mail and I LOVE IT! Immediately these Cheddar Rye Apple Hand Pies leaped out at me!

The world needs more pie, I think. Especially this week (and after last week) lol. Last year, I was in Chicago for work so I took a quick trip to Detroit to visit my brother who just moved there for a job. And while he was at work, I asked some of you for recommendations and the number one place you cute people told me to visit was Sister Pie. I was super excited. I jumped in his car (he lent me) and drove to Detroit. As I cruised around the city, I decided to drop in to Sister Pie.

The place is vibrant, warm and feels like a place that serves the community. Because I was so excited to be there AND because their case was jam-packed with baked goods, I ordered one of everything!

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Sour Cherry Hand Pies

Desserts, Pie

Sour Cherry Hand Pies |

I’m having a moment with sour cherries. They never pop-up too much in LA. In Michigan, yes. But here, not so much. They’re pretty infrequent but OMG do I love them.

They’re the prettiest hue. Regular ol’ cherries, which I love, are usually much darker in hue, but sour cherries are the prettiest of pink. And their flavor! The perfect balance between tart and sweet. Sandwiched in between two pieces of flakey, buttery pie crust is a good move. A VERY good move.

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Blackberry Cardamom Hand Pies with a Buckwheat Crust


Blackberry Cardamom Hand Pies with a Buckwheat Crust

On hot summer days I’m always feelin’ pie. And ice cream. Ice cream is important.

Somedays I want pie with a side of ice cream. Somedays I want ice cream with a side of pie. If I’m feeling the latter, that’s when these little baby mini hand pies are called to order. Cuuuuute.

But let’s be honest, while I love the flavor of this buckwheat crust (it’s nutty and robust and earthy), it kind of gives the crust a more dull brown color than the pretty golden brown we usually associate with pie crust. Soooo, we’re calling these ‘rustic’. That’s what we do, right? Whenever something is sort of ugly, we just call it ‘rustic’…? Yes. I think we’re gonna call these “rustic.”

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Butternut Squash Hand Pies


Do you have a hobby? You know, something you do for fun and just for fun, a creative outlet, something that helps clear your mind and something you just simply enjoy doing.

Maybe cooking is your hobby. Maybe that’s why you’re here. If so, HI!!

I’m in search of a hobby. I want to find something I enjoy doing, just for fun with no pressure to be good at it. A lot of times I’ll try something and want to be amazing at it and then I try it, and obviously fail at being amazing since it’s my first time, and then want to give up. Lame. Not this time! I just wanna chill out, man. I wanna like screen print a shirt, or do some pottery.

And I know this might sound a little bit like a mid-life crisis situation (I’m neither in the middle of my life nor in crisis, but even if I was SO WHAT! WHO CARES!), but I think hobbies are important. I think creating things is important.

Even if you do something creative as a job, it’s kind of nice to do a new creative thing where failing doesn’t matter. Who cares if you suck at knitting?! You can always just buy a sweater if you need it. Who cares if you suck at pottery? You got plates!

Sometimes failing or succeeding isn’t all that important. The doing is what’s important.

If cooking is your hobby, I gotz something for you to do!

Take the jump, let’s make some pieeee.

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