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Marion Cunningham Coffee Cake

Date Cardamom Coffee Cake with Pistachio Streusel


Whenever I thumb through a Martha Stewart Living Magazine or take a trip to the Container Store, it makes me feel like there might be a really crazy, OCD housewife living in me. It excites me. Scares me a little.

But mostly makes me pumped about getting organized, menu planning, labeling everything (with a label maker, of course) and making sure my kids have awesome afternoon snacks post-school day.

This coffee cake situation is what I’d make for those late mornings/early afternoons when I want to invite other ladies (and dudes, too!) over to talk parenting, pro-tips and just talk to another adult for once.

Medjhool dates right now are super dreamy.

If you’ve never had one, I will admit that they can run a little pricey (about $5 a container) but they go A LONG way. I bought a container three days ago and have already used it three ways.

Dates are amber (duh) in color, soft in texture, have almost a caramel-like flavor to them and are loaded with fiber and energy.

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