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Vanilla Almond Goji Berry Granola


Vanilla Almond Goji Berry Granola //
If you were a food, what would you be?

A starchy potato? A pile of rich brown sugar? Maybe a handful of macaroni? Or…would you be a fancy, high-class vanilla bean? Be honest.

I like to think I would be some sort of superfood. Like acaí, cacao nibs, or goji berries.

They’re, like, the superheroes of food, aren’t they? I bet if they were people they’d have a cape, be super strong and most likely, incredibly attractive. Who doesn’t want to be all of those things?

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I have a lot of small/weird, personal dreams.  One of which is to be apart of the feature in Vanity Fair called “My Stuff,” where they pick one person a month, who’s usually sorta famous/successful, and ask them to list their favorite stuff. Which usually includes things like their favorite toothpaste, jeans, charity, lipstick, flowers, etc.  You catch my drift.  And since these people are usually kinda loaded, all their stuff tends to be super fancy and expensive.  But if I did the feature, I’d keep it pretty normal. Here’s a little example of how my feature would go:

Where do you live: West Hollywood.

Coffee Maker: French Press.

Jeans: J Brand.

Underwear: La Perla. Fancy.

Favorite Charity: Humane Society.

Sheets: I dunno. I got ’em at Ross in the discount bin.

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