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Delicata Squash Ricotta Baked Shells

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I’m currently sipping tea, attempting to heal my sore throat that is feeling all raspy and weary. On Saturday night I went to Hollywood Horror Nights at Universal Studios and screamed like the gigantic baby that I am.

Why is that we know it’s fake but believe it’s real. Lol. Our brains are so complicated.

Monsters and gremlins jumping out at me really drained my energy too because I’m currently a lil’ bit exhausted. Luckily I healed my self with a big Cinnabon cinnamon roll and a batch full of shells I had waiting for me in the freezer.

Let’s talk about shells today. Beautiful, big, glorious shells. I honestly have no idea why I don’t make them more. Whenever I make them,I’m like, why don’t I do this needs to be on a weekly rotation.

They’re also an amazing thing to gift. If you have someone in your life who is having a surgery, is sick, having a baby, etc., this is a great thing to drop off their house. They will love you forever.

You can also make this batch and eat half and freeze half.

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Vegetarian Pot Stickers

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Vegetarian Pot Stickers


Since I’m constantly cooking Monday-Friday (for this blog), the weekends are usually spent going out to eat. And since I live so close to San Gabriel Valley, I usually head there for a meal or two. Chinese food is one of my al-time favorites. I have to say, I love meat pot stickers and dumplings. Shrimp and pork? Delicious. But for a lighter weeknight meal, I wanted to try my hand at Vegetarian Pot Stickers. And I’m so glad I gave them a few tries, because these are SO good.

Vegetarian Pot Stickers

Vegetarian Pot Stickers

I roasted a kabocha squash and added a bunch of stuff to it like green onions, sautéed mushrooms, sesame oil, chili paste, ginger and white pepper. It was glorious. It tasted like heaven.

This makes about 24 pot stickers which sounds like a lot but when you start eating them, it feels like it could go on forever and ever. I would highly recommend doubling this recipe and then freezing the rest. Pot stickers are THE ABSOLUTE BEST to cook straight from the freezer.

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Spicy Pumpkin Soup


Soup weather is the best weather. Fareal.

Last week we had a very brutal and random heatwave where it decided to be 90˙F(!!!). I had a literal and figurative meltdown that day. It was bad. But now the cold weather is here and I’m back to being stoked on life.

It makes me super grateful that we live in a world where hot weather takes a break–and allows us to stop sweating–and cold air enters. And I’m glad sweaters exists, and dogs with wrinkly faces exist, and, AND soup exists! Rad.

I love punk’n. Are you all punk’n-ed out? Hope not. It’s only October, guys. We’ve got a solid more month of this stuff.

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Butternut Squash Apple Soup



Sometimes there are moments that make me super grateful I have good friends. Wonder what I’m talking about? Well, I’ll name off a few instances in the past few days that have proven to me that without friends I’d be too drunk for my own good, an unattractive eater and an insecure Mexican wrestler.

First there was Ryan who said, “Did you know that when you eat, you open your mouth as big as it can open? Even if it’s for something tiny, like an almond.” Hmm…thanks, Ryan. I didn’t know that. Thanks. That makes me feel really attractive.

Then there’s Ian, who on Saturday night, when I drunkenly demanded another shot, said, “Sure, Adrianna. I’ll make you another shot.” He didn’t protest and instead poured juice into a shot glass and handed it to me and watched me, unknowingly, down the juice and then I cheered. (This actually happened, seriously.)

And then Travis who told me (when I was in my Halloween costume), “You’re a really hot Mexican wrestler!” Friends are there to make you feel really good, even when you look like Nacho Libre.


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Butternut Squash Macaroni and Cheese



Everyday I sift through various food blogs and websites looking for recipes that hook my attention. And time after time the recipes I’m most attracted to are grown-up versions of things I ate as a kid. One thing I loved as a kid, Mac and Cheese! I loved every type of it–I didn’t discriminate. Actually, Kraft macaroni and cheese was the first thing I learned how to cook and I cooked it regularly as an after school snack, and with pride I might add. I remember getting all fancy with it, playing with the consistency and adding pepper…and hot sauce. And when I went to college, I wasn’t too good for Easy Mac. I would cook it up in a microwave at midnight and not think a thing about it. Basically, my love affair with mac and cheese goes WAY back.Bowls of Cheese

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