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Whoaaa! Meatballs!!!

After watching 7 straight episodes of The Jersey Shore, I decided I needed to make meatballs. I had never seen the show before and after the first episode I literally couldn’t pull myself away. It’s incredible.

I learned all about “GTL” and how to avoid “grenades.” And what “t-shirt time” means. My favorite part is kinda how The Situation cooks Sunday dinners for all of them. And he always, ALWAYS make meatballs. I can’t even try and pronouce meatballs the way they do.

And no, this recipe didn’t come from The Situation, whom by the way, just came out with a book that supposedly promises recipes for all of the food he cooks on Sundays. Umm…can we say Christmas present? Yeah, I’m pumped.

This recipe came from The Pioneer Woman because I’m not sure she’s ever made a bad meal in her life. And because she says funnier and whittier things than all of us combined.

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How to Throw a Tea Party

Breakfast, Cookies, Sandwiches, Scones & Muffins

Scones! Milky tea! Big hats! Fanciness! Pinkies in the air!

These are all of the things I think of when I hear ‘Tea Party’. So when my friend Johnna was gifted a tea set that’s been in her families for generations, we thought we might break it in with a little tea and our lady friends. Heck yes, tea party!

Wanna get your tea party on? Ooooof course you do. Here’s are a few suggestions for tea party success:

Grab one of your bestest friends in the whole wide world, ’cause you’ll need company when making the grocery list, the shopping, the cooking and cleaning.

{Image via The Cherry Blossom Girl}

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Eggs with Tomato on Toast

Breakfast, Dinner

Everyone is always on the look out for a weeknight meal. Sometimes I feel like telling people to relax and just eat a bowl of cereal like I do. But then I remember that a lot of people have kids and dogs and Franklins, and bowls of cereal just won’t do. Rather than being concerned about a weeknight meal, I’m always more concerned about an easy weekend morning breakfast. When I wake up a little late and maybe recovering from the night before, going to the store to get fresh ingredients and slaving over the stove doesn’t sound too appealing. Lucky for you, my weekend breakfast can also be your weeknight meal. This, like the Croque Madame I made a few weeks ago, is a unisex type meal–it can be breakfast, lunch or dinner. And with only 3 main ingredients, (bread, eggs and a can of plum tomatoes) it’s the easiest thing in the world to make. You can do it hungover, super sleepy, or super stressed. All is well!

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