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Sweet Potato Scones

Breakfast, Scones & Muffins


For the past few weeks, everything I’ve made has been “fall” food. First there was this, and then these…and then this. I’m guessing that autumn feels pretty appreciated by me…or totally exploited. Either way, I’m not done with fall. I have more up my sleeve. So fall, forgive me, because I’m going to use you as long as I can. Everyone, please meet my new food crush: Sweet Potato Scones.

Don’t scones make you feel classy?! I’ve always associated them with High Tea…and wearing fancy white gloves, and maybe, even being snooty enough to point my pinky straight in the air as I sip tea. I know, I know, I think this might just be my Jane Austen obsession coming into play, but whatever.


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