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Butternut Squash Apple Soup



Sometimes there are moments that make me super grateful I have good friends. Wonder what I’m talking about? Well, I’ll name off a few instances in the past few days that have proven to me that without friends I’d be too drunk for my own good, an unattractive eater and an insecure Mexican wrestler.

First there was Ryan who said, “Did you know that when you eat, you open your mouth as big as it can open? Even if it’s for something tiny, like an almond.” Hmm…thanks, Ryan. I didn’t know that. Thanks. That makes me feel really attractive.

Then there’s Ian, who on Saturday night, when I drunkenly demanded another shot, said, “Sure, Adrianna. I’ll make you another shot.” He didn’t protest and instead poured juice into a shot glass and handed it to me and watched me, unknowingly, down the juice and then I cheered. (This actually happened, seriously.)

And then Travis who told me (when I was in my Halloween costume), “You’re a really hot Mexican wrestler!” Friends are there to make you feel really good, even when you look like Nacho Libre.


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Butternut Squash Macaroni and Cheese



Everyday I sift through various food blogs and websites looking for recipes that hook my attention. And time after time the recipes I’m most attracted to are grown-up versions of things I ate as a kid. One thing I loved as a kid, Mac and Cheese! I loved every type of it–I didn’t discriminate. Actually, Kraft macaroni and cheese was the first thing I learned how to cook and I cooked it regularly as an after school snack, and with pride I might add. I remember getting all fancy with it, playing with the consistency and adding pepper…and hot sauce. And when I went to college, I wasn’t too good for Easy Mac. I would cook it up in a microwave at midnight and not think a thing about it. Basically, my love affair with mac and cheese goes WAY back.Bowls of Cheese

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