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Delicata Squash Ricotta Baked Shells

Dinner, Fall, Pasta, Quick and Easy, Thanksgiving, Vegetarian

I’m currently sipping tea, attempting to heal my sore throat that is feeling all raspy and weary. On Saturday night I went to Hollywood Horror Nights at Universal Studios and screamed like the gigantic baby that I am.

Why is that we know it’s fake but believe it’s real. Lol. Our brains are so complicated.

Monsters and gremlins jumping out at me really drained my energy too because I’m currently a lil’ bit exhausted. Luckily I healed my self with a big Cinnabon cinnamon roll and a batch full of shells I had waiting for me in the freezer.

Let’s talk about shells today. Beautiful, big, glorious shells. I honestly have no idea why I don’t make them more. Whenever I make them,I’m like, why don’t I do this needs to be on a weekly rotation.

They’re also an amazing thing to gift. If you have someone in your life who is having a surgery, is sick, having a baby, etc., this is a great thing to drop off their house. They will love you forever.

You can also make this batch and eat half and freeze half.

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Vegetarian Squash Pot Stickers

Adventures, Quick and Easy, Vegetarian

I spent this past weekend getting back in the vibe of normal life which included going to the gym, going on a run, sniffling my way through Queer Eye on Netflix, getting cocktails and burgers with friends and going to watch Black Panther. I’m sure you’ve seen it; if not, you need to remedy that situation.

One weekend goal that was not met was a trip to my favorite Chinese restaurant to eat dumplings and pot stickers. I have to say, I love their meat pot stickers and dumplings but their vegetarian variety is not all that great. I wanted to make delicious vegetarian pot stickers. I think I found it.

I roasted a kabocha squash and added a bunch of stuff to it like green onions, sautéed mushrooms, sesame oil, chili paste, ginger and white pepper. It was glorious. It tasted like heaven.

This makes about 24 pot stickers which sounds like a lot but when you start eating them, it feels like it could go on forever and ever. I would highly recommend doubling this recipe and then freezing the rest. Pot stickers are THE ABSOLUTE BEST to cook straight from the freezer.

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Vegan White Bean Chili


This situation is vegan. And filling. And warm and awesome.

Vegan Chili with Northern White Beans

Don’t think that by me bringing you a vegan, healthy(ish) recipe is me saying that the party is over…because it’s not. You still have New Year’s to rock your way through! This year I’m being an old person and probably staying home and cooking dinner with my dude. BUT in years past I have partied like a crazy person, vommed in a many cab, and even celebrated with the flu in bed. My New Years’ experiences’ have been vast!

Back to chili…

This recipe is good for when you want something on the lighter side of filling, aren’t in the mood for, as my vegan mother calls it, “animal flesh,” and/or simply want something inexpensive and easy to make.

For the full recipe, go over to Etsy.

Oh and in case you didn’t know, I’m a contributor on Etsy, making a few recipes for them a month. In case you missed it, here are some of the other that have been posted: Clam Linguine in a Tarragon Cream Sauce (I might be addicted to tarragon); Spiced Apple Latkes with Cardamom Cream (please make this!); and Stuffing Muffins (no longer applicable but delicious nonetheless).