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Best Carrot Cake. Ever.

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I can be a total brat sometimes. Like attitude city, population: ME. I’ve mentioned this before. So when I see recipes that have the name: “Jessica’s Best Blank” or “Best Blank You’ve Ever Eaten,” I get way bratty. I kinda think those recipes are super self-righteous.

Wait, you’re telling me it’s ridiculous that I think recipes CAN even be self-righteous?!? Listen, I said I was a brat, I never said I was logical!!

I digress…so when I stumbled upon this recipe, I was way skeptical. Bratty skeptical.

(You know what I’m about to say next, right?! Of course you do!)

I was incredibly surprised. Blown away, actually.

So take your cute little self over to PW’s Tasty Kitchen Blog where I wrote a guest post. There’s some step-by-step photos–a lot of which include my glitter nails!–the low down on the recipe and the recipe itself.


Classic Icebox Cake

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I have an affinity for old things.

Vintage dresses, creaky old houses, boots from the flea market, random old family photos I find in the street…I dunno…I dig it all. I think it’s because I like things with history and stories attached…stuff that’s aged.  I just, myself, don’t want to be aged. I confuse myself. Constantly.

Icebox Cakes have a bit of history. They’re aged like all that stuff listed above, though I’m entirely sure about its history (if you know, please leave it in the comments!!), I do know that this dessert is what someone must’ve stumbled upon/dreamed up when they were desperate for something fast, easy and amazing. Calling for only two ingredients (chocolate wafers and whipped cream), means anyone at any time can do this successfully.

Can we talk cake deets?

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