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B’fast for Dinner!!

Breakfast, Dinner

Hello there! Hi! Hai! This is what I like to call a major post. Three recipes all in one.

Think of it like a dinner party menu, all inspired by my favorite meal of the day: breakfast. There’s doughnuts, fancy popcorn (I eat this for breakfast), and a potato and chick pea hash cooked in duck fat. Holy moly! YES!

I made this for my friends. I honestly don’t have many dinner parties because I live in a teeny-tiny place and going out to restaurants is a serious hobby of mine. BUT last week was different; it was nice outside, I had rosé chilling in the fridge and I decided to make some breakfast for dinner.

We sat outside, we gossiped, we laughed. This all means summer is all up in our faces…and I’m excited about it. Aren’t you?!

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Spicy Caramel Bacon Popcorn

Appetizers, Snacks

On Monday morning I did something totally crazy.

I reached for my cell, dialed Time Warner and cancelled my cable. This was a desperate measure to take my life back. Sound dramatic? Probably. But last week I called my mom to discuss Bethenny and Jason’s marriage, which sort of seems on the rocks (right?!!?). And on Sunday night I was all like, “Whoa Cythia! That orphan comment you said about Kim was craaaazy messed up. KIM, DON’T FORGIVE HER!”

I have to draw the line sometimes, you know? Being invested in TV relationships is just too much for me right now. I can’t deal. I’d rather spend my life thinking about other things…like bacon and popcorn, and cookies with brown butter in them.

Also, this means I have more money to spend on shoes. Shoes > Cable. DUH!

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Peanut Butter Popcorn


It’s Monday, which means you might be sleepy, irritable, yawning, napping under your desk, wearing mismatched socks…

Don’t worry. There’s popcorn…wrapped in peanut butter!

Last week I needed a new snack, so naturally I took to twitter. Nowadays, that’s totally the place I take all my questions to. Who invented the mini-post its? Ask Twitter. Why does my foot get tingly when my foot falls asleep? Ask Twitter. How do I do a smokey eye? Ask Twitter.

When I asked about snacks, Twitter came back with suggestions of combining peanut butter with all types of fruit. Goood, goood. There were also lots of ideas on different ways to whip up popcorn. Like button!

A light bulb went off and I decided I’d be totally brills to combine the two: peanut butter and popcorn.

I thought I’d invented something fantastic, original even! ….until I googled it. And then found that the whole world knew about it…except me.

Whomp, whomp…

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