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PANCAKES: 72 Sweet and Savory Recipes for the Perfect Stack

Gingerbread Pancakes

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Gingerbread Pancakes //

My favorite holiday activity growing up was with my papa. We’d go to a restaurants — usually when we were doing some crazy last-minute holiday shopping — and we’d always grab lunch somewhere. My dad would ask me if I thought the server was nice (he or she usually was), I’d nod excitedly and my dad would jot down a tip that equated to double the amount of the bill. And then we’d leave immediately because imagining what her reaction was when she or he opened the bill fold was much more fun than getting a big ol’ thank you. I always hoped she or he would buy something nice for themselves. Or maybe if they were having a bad day from waiting on impatient people, that it’d reaffirm that not all people are bad. Til’ this day it might be one of my favorite memories with my dad.

Besides tipping generously just ‘cuz, another thing I have to have during the holiday season is gingerbread anything. I’d like to just put it out there that I’m super picky about gingerbread baked goods. It can’t be too spicy or else my nose itches and I get a brattitude. The amount of spices needs to be just right. These pancakes are one of my favorite recipes from PANCAKES (da cookbook!).

I’d be a bad blogger if I didn’t say that, “PANCAKES (da cookbook) IS A GREAT COOKBOOK TO GIVE AS A GIFT.” (Gotta pimp out your work sometimes, you know?)

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Pancake Party and Book Signing



OMG I’m throwing a pancake party! There will be little silver dollar pancakes and orange juice and cold-brewed coffee just for you! I’ll be there too saying hi and signing books, if you like. If you’re in Los Angeles, please come out. The party is at Poketo, one of my favorite stores for all things cute and interesting. Angie, one of the co-owners, and I have become friendly over the past few months and when she suggested that we throw a pancake party, I leaped at the chance.

The Pancake Party is next Saturday, July 27th from 11am to 2pm. Please RSVP to this Facebook invite. Hope to see you there!!! P.S. Have I ever told you I’m shy?! I’m shy.

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Get Your Summer Picnic On!


Get Your Picnic On with Evernote and A Cozy Kitchen

This lil’ picnic story is in collaboration with Evernote helps me A LOT. I’m not trying to sound like a commercial but seriously my life would run very differently (read: a hot mess) without Evernote. I use it to organize recipes, write blog posts (pre-posting on this lil’ blog), to-do lists, grocery lists and even my personal stuff. AND, I even used it to write my entire book. Yes, I wrote PANCAKES in Evernote before transferring it to a Word document. I’m what Evernote calls a psychotic “power user” (I added the psychotic part). My favorite part is that it’s on the cloud which means I can access Evernote from my phone, even when I’m away from my computer–it’s a dream.

They recently launched Evernote Food and I use it too! Going to restaurants and saving recipes is a big part of my life. Evernote Food let’s me “tag” restaurants that are either on my “to-hit” list or places I’ve been to and want to save and remember–it’s particularly helpful when traveling to a new city (hello summer vacation!).

When they got in touch with me it was a dream come true and I was all like, “you know I’m obsessed with Evernote, right?” They thought I was a little weird, but mostly were just stoked that I was super stoked about their product.

We decided to make some stuff together. And since it’s summer we thought a fun picnic story would be great.

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