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Baja-Style Fish Tacos


Baja-Style Fish Tacos // A Cozy Ktichen

If I ever get married I’d want fish tacos served at my wedding. And not just any fish tacos but Ricky’s Fish Tacos. They’re incredible. The batter is flakey, flavorful and the fish tastes fresh. They’re nearly identical to the ones you’d get if you were sitting in a bathing suit on the beaches of Baja, Mexico. These things are my first love. And they screeeaaam at the top of their lungs summah.

Baja-Style Fish Tacos // A Cozy Kitchen

Last summer I had the lucky chance to pick Ricky’s brain all about his batter. He told me the three musts for good fish taco batter is as follows:

1. Beer
2. Lots of Mexican oregano
3. Lots of ground mustard.

So, I followed his tips and made my own version. They came in at a close second—he is, after all, the pro—but I was still pretty pumped about them. Top ’em with a refreshing and spicy cabbage slaw…heaven. The full recipe is over on Etsy! Check it out.

Oh and get pumped because tomorrow is the first post of Ice Cream Week here on A Cozy Kitchen. Yes, Ice Cream Week is totally a thing.

Baja-Style Fish Tacos

Mexican Jamaica

Hibiscus Flower Tea (Agua de Jamaica)


Mexican Jamaica

Before moving to Los Angeles I was a total Mexican food amateur. Sure I grew up in a Latin household, but the cuisines of Peru and Colombia couldn’t be more different than what one would eat in Mexico.

My idea of Mexican food was limited to “authentic” burritos and tacos. I assumed it was all the same because for the most part Peruvian food isn’t that varied throughout the country, and the same goes for Colombian food. Those two countries, for the most part, eat mainly the same foods in all regions. But when I moved to LA, I realized how varied Mexican food actually is, and I also realized how awesome it is.

I finally understood the differences between Oaxacan moles, the fish tacos from Baja and the cemitas from Puebla. But one item I see in all Mexican restaurants regardless of region or specialty is agua de jamaica (pronounced: xa’majka – the “j” is silent).

It’s usually chilling in one of those great big tubs next to the other agua frescos like catelope, watermelon and horchata. I always choose the jamaica. Always.

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Elote (Mexican Corn) Soup

Dinner, Soups

Summer, you aight.

I’m usually not a summer-lover, but this one has been pretty chill. I’m digging all the fish tacos around, the balsamic vinegar/watermelon salads popping up everywhere…and cold beer. Officially INTO IT. I’m also pretty obsessed with eating outside past 7pm, when the sun is no longer burning me and giving me wrinkles that I can’t see yet.

So lovely!

One of my fav street/summer foods is eloté, the Mexican grilled corn you can usually find on the side of the street here in Los Angeles (and in Mexico).

I’ve had this idea of turning it into a soup for a long time and finally got the big push yesterday when I was at the store and saw a sign that read, “20 cents for corn!” I mean, that’s it. Alright…

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