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Real talk. Are you ready?

On Friday…(the one that just passed) I was a huge brat. I woke up extra early to show the day who’s who and by noon I had four failed recipes. Every bowl I owned was in the sink. Flour was all over the floor. There was melted butter in my bangs. Soo…to no surprise, I had major attitude. Like major. So I was like, Cool, I’m gonna sit outside eat two tacos, have an iced tea and I’ll feel better.

Didn’t work. Came home…still had an attitude.

I decided to sit in my mess of a kitchen and open up a new book that just arrived: Christina Tosi’s, Momofuku Milk Bar. Right after the introduction there is a section…and it’s called ‘Real Talk.’

Her Real Talk? Stop complaining. Keep your cool. Baking with no AC totally sweating? Shut up. No really…just shut up. Your mixer broke and you have 100 pounds of cookie dough to mix? Woman-up…roll up your sleeves…time to get busy.

Her hardbody, total attitude of pep talk is what I needed. Sometimes all of us need someone to set us straight. Christina did it. Girl crush? Totally.

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Stand’s Toasted Marshmallow Milkshake

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Lovelies! It’s Summer, aren’t you excited? I am, and this is coming from the girl who writes love letters to Winter. This week the anticipation for Summer hit me like a ton of bricks. I’m having a fun-filled Memorial weekend with Sex and the City 2 (despite the bad reviews), a screening of Purple Rain at Hollywood Forever Cemetery, BBQs, a birthday party, and I also plan on setting a bit of time aside to down a few of these cute little milkshakes.

Summer has got me so giddy that I thought it was time I roast some marshmallows (over my gas range) and throw them in a blender with vanilla ice cream–it’s absolute craziness. I think you should be crazy, too. It’s only fair.

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