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Meyer Lemon Ricotta Muffins with Rosemary Glaze


Meyer Lemon Ricotta Muffins with Rosemary Glaze //

I think you all look super cute today. Nice hair. Your skin looks fresh and pretty. Did you get lots of sleep last night?

We could all use a compliment once in a while. Yesterday I was in need of one, so I took upon myself to speak for Amelia. Whenever I speak for her, I do so using a voice that’s probably very irritating for most, but I find sort of adorable. I’d say it sounds kinda like a four-year old boy who I imagine dresses strangely (I’m talking wearing capes and cowboy boots to bed) and has a slight lisp. We all have animal voices. Mine sounds like that.

So, in my Amelia-voice, I said a bunch of compliments out loud. And then, since I’m super polite, I said thanks to her. If you’re in need for some compliments, which you shouldn’t be because I just said you look cute today, just speak for your animals. If they could speak, they’d probably say all sorts of nice stuff to you.

Do you think I’m weird? Pretty sure I just let my freak-flag fly. I’d like to change the subject now and talk about these muffins! Thanks.

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Lemon, Chard and Spicy Sausage Lasagna

Dinner, Pasta

Hi, ummm…you look cute today. Your make-up looks pretty. And those lunges are paying off ’cause your legs are lookin’ maaaad tight.

First week of summer got me in a good mood, what can I say?

Summer does a weird thing to me. All I seem to make during these months are popsicles, variety of ice creams and salads. I dunno…I guess whenever temperatures start to rise, eating outside  with friends just sounds better. Or I just eat cereal in my air-conditioned apartment with socks on. I dig socks year-around

But sometimes I need a legit dinner/lunch. I mean, don’t we all?! We can’t eat popsicles for dinner ALL the time. 

This lasagna? Super legit. There’s chard (how pretty is raw chard?! good gracious), a creamy-not-too-heavy bechamel, spicy sausage (hi, kick of spice!) and lemon slices that give it that taste of summer we’re all craving.

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Blood Orange Lemonade


I’m a little excited about Spring, can’t you tell?!

Also, aren’t Spring showers so much more glamorous in theory.

In our dreams, there’s brightly colored tulips dripping with rain drops, yellow Hunter rainboots, super cute umbrelleas–but it never goes that way, does it?

Instead there’s matted-hair-that-was-just-rained-on, water seeping through shoes reaching socks (ew!), and just overall not cuteness.

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“Healthy” Lemony Angel Food Cake

Cakes, Desserts

I have a confession.

I gained weight during the holiday season. Like, can’t-fit-in-pretty-dresses type weight gain. This is not okay. I’m determined to be a girl who can fit into pretty dresses. Or maybe I should just wear bigger dresses? Whatever. You get what I mean, right?

So now I’m on a cliché “bad” food break. It’s gonna be hard. To ease myself into this tough transition, I figured baking a cake would be an awesome idea.

Before you flip out and call me crazy, let me explain. This cake is “healthy.” It has NO butter. My normal self would typically have nothing to do with a cake without butter, but tight zippers and waistbands made me give this cake a chance.

And guess what? Best idea #1 of 2011.

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