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Lemon Yogurt Pound Cake

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Lemon Yogurt Pound Cake //

Remember Spring Break?! (Maybe you’re in college or high school and are lucky enough to be on Spring break or be on the verge of your break. I’m jealous.)

Where I went to college (Winston-Salem, North Carolina), the thing to do was to drive down to Savannah, Georgia and celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. I was usually too poor to do this, but I did it one year and OMG that city knows how to celebrate St. Paddy’s Day. The entire city shuts down and everyone is in the street, drinking, partying and being spooked by possible ghosts. Savannah is beautifully haunted.

Nowadays, the idea of drinking green beer in the street sounds like hell. Literally, you could not pay me. I’d much rather sit on a quiet beach where I can relax, drink a cocktail and have no one speak to me for hours at a time. That’s what I crave at this age: silence and alcohol.

Lemon Yogurt Pound Cake //

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Lemon Upside Down Loaf Cake

Cakes, Desserts

Lemon Upside Down Cake // A Cozy Kitchen

Can I be honest? I don’t LOVE lemon flavored desserts. You’ll never see me whipping up a lemon bar and passing them out to all my friends. I’m more likely to give you pie or pancakes or hugs. Lemon desserts are usually a tad too sweet for me, and they usually make me pucker way too much and I make a super ugly “pucker” face. Trust me, it’s not cute.

There’s a popular photo amongst my family of me when I was three years old being taunted by my much older uncle to “close my eyes and stick out my tongue.” My aunt was camera-ready while my uncle swiped a lemon on my tongue. I apparently made the scariest “pucker” face ever. Also, now you know that my family found it funny to torture me as a small child. This explains why I torture Amelia–it’s a learned practice!

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Fried Lemon Ricotta Squash Blossoms


I have a bit of a dilemma. Just a small one.

So, say your neighbor goes out of town and is super nice and hands you a box of fresh peaches and a big bag of avocados and asks if you’d kindly water his plants. That’s it. Just water the plants.

And for the next two weeks you do. You water them. You don’t slack or forget because you pass them to get to your front door so they’re there reminding you they need water. But then a heat wave hits and they start to take a turn for the worst.

And between you and me, these plants were in the wrong pots. Like, they needed more room to grow. So the worst thing ever happens and one of them dries up and straight up dies…on your watch! You start to feel terrible, because while you know it wasn’t your fault, they did die when you were watching them. They were alive and perky when the neighbors left, you know.

So, yeah, it’s not your fault. It was the heat. And their pots. But do you buy them a new replacement plant. Do you do that? That would be a nice neighborly thing to do, right? Or do you just skip it and ignore it and stop being so neurotic?

Serious life questions.

In other news, I fried up these squash blossoms. They’re stuffed with lemon kissed ricotta, dipped in light and fluffy batter and fried ever so lightly. I love them. Recipe and step-by-step are over at PW’s Tasty Kitchen. Jump in.

But fareal, do I need to buy them a new plant? Also, let’s remember that if I buy them a new plant I’m basically admitting that I killed their plant, which I didn’t. I’m a good plant-caretaker, I swear!