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Carbonara Mac and Cheese


Carbonara Mac n Cheese

I have different categories of recipes just chilling in my brain. There’s the OMG-I-need-a-cookie-with-salt category. There’s the I-need-breakfast-for-(super late)-lunch-at-4pm. BUT, my most utilized category is the 15-minute-meal-that-can-be-made-sans-store-trip-becuz-OMG-am-I-lazy.

I’m thinking of making this a real, legitimate recipe category on this here blog. If it did really exist, carbonara would be my personal favorite. It can be made in 15 minutes, there aren’t a ton of ingredients and I usually have all of them on hand.

Is it the most healthy? Nah. No. UGH. But, most delicious? Yes. Duh. UGH. On a freezing cold night, carbonara is like a hug in a bowl. Turning the dish into a mac and cheese makes this thing like a gigantic bear hug (that might get awkward) in a bowl.

If this sounds at all appealing, head over to Wisconsin Cheese’s site for the full recipe!

Carbonara Mac n Cheese

Endive Prosciutto Gratin

Appetizers, Dinner

“My lady…”
“Your Grace…”
“Lady Adrianna…”
“Your Lordship…”

I wish someone–at some point in my life–would address me with one of the titles listed above. It would make my day if I walked into my coffee shop and the barista was all like, “Lady Adrianna, would you like a cappucino or your usual cup of Coava?” And then I’d be all like, “Ohhh Alex, I’ll take the Coava, thank you.” And he’d be like, “Of course, Your Grace.”

Umm…hello!!! How rad would that be?!?!

I’ve clearly been watching too much Downton Abbey/Game of Thrones. Clearly.

But let’s be serious, even if I did live back then, I wouldn’t be a princess. I don’t have a single drop of blue blood running through these veins.

My life would probably be spent in some dark basement kitchen making crazy meals for the royals. And I’d probably be really happy there, because unlike the “Lady,” I’d get to marry a dude I actually liked. That’s pretty huge. Imagining spending your life with some boring rich dude?! That’d suck, big time.

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Ham Spinach and Gruyére Quiche

Breakfast, Dinner

I arrived in Florida (where my parents live) exactly two days ago, on a red eye flight. I was sitting next to the most adorable baby in a onesie. We said hi, we smiled…we became friends.

And then she totally betrayed me. An hour into the flight, she started bawling her eyes out. And didn’t stop…for the. next. four. hours. Right then and there our friendship ended, obviously. Her poor mother…she was doing everything she could. Nothing worked.

So, instead of sleeping with my eyes closed, I tried to sleep with my eyes open. You know…where you just stare REALLY hard and try to take your brain to a newprettybetter world, like, immediately?

I thought about Christmas morning…oh Christmas morning. Does a cozier more lovely place even exist? I think not…

This year I have nothing to do with Christmas dinner. I bowed out since I cooked all of Thanksgiving dinner.

Instead, I’m on the sidelines mixing cocktails, making playlists, drinking cocktails…

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