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Blood Orange Granita


Blood Orange Granita //

I spent last night making a teepee for Amelia, which took me a surprisingly short amount of time. The tough part was actually convincing her that this is the place you sleep, see!  I did everything; place treats inside, transfer all of her toys to the back of the teepee, get in it myself, hoping she’d maybe get jealous and join me. Nothing. It’s like she hates me. Or hates it, which makes me sad because I bought a grommet-maker for this thing! When am I going to need a grommet-maker again?

As I sat there trying to figure out ways to communicate to her that this your home/stop laying on the couch and spreading all your hairs all over my stuff, I grabbed a small bowl of this granita-situation out of the freezer. It’s delicious, refreshing and the easiest thing in the world to prepare. I sat in the teepee, eating this thing and what do you know, the little beast was now super interested in the teepee/me/the granita. Now, all I have to do is figure out a way to have blood orange granitas in there 24-7.

For the full recipe and more pictures, head over to PBS!

Blood Orange Granita //

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Spicy Watermelon Granita


Spicy Watermelon Granita //

I have lots of random thoughts going on in my brain right now.

Number one: If I could write my blog posts using emojis I would. I probably would’ve inserted a fire emoji and a smiley face (with the sunglasses on, of course!) next to the title of this post. I wonder when/if Apple is ever gonna put emojis on a keyboard. That’ll be the end. I’ll be the most annoying person in the world.

Number two: I just realized that Lindsay Lohan’s dress (from her interview with the big O) is actually the same shade of yellow/orange as the soup from yesterday. Very matchy-matchy!

Number three: I know I’ve had a productive day when my feet hurt and my shorts and shirt are stained and all I want to do is sit in bed and eat whatever is in the freezer/fridge. Currently: a small bowl of this Spicy Watermelon Granita. It’s the perfect dessert that doesn’t really taste like a big dessert. This ain’t no cake. It’s refreshing and light and the spice is a nice kick.

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Mocha Granita

Chocolate, Desserts

OMG coffee, I love you.

Raise your hand if you go to sleep dreaming about the next morning’s cup of coffee…

Raise your hand if you’re sort of a snob about coffee (and you don’t care who knows it)…

Raise your hand if you love coffee in baked goods…

If I were you, my hand would’ve been raised for all 3. What if coffee didn’t exist? What a sad thought. I was never one of those kids that didn’t like coffee. Pretty sure I was born loving it. In Latin culture it’s common to give kids a cup of café con leche early on. I think I had mine before the age of 10…and I loved it. I loved it so much that I wasn’t allowed to drink coffee at all until I was about 16. My parents didn’t want to stunt my growth. Turns their efforts were useless since I’m positive that I was destined to be the 5’1″ that I am. SADFACE!

Whatever. What’s awesome now is that I get to drink it all I want. Yay for being an adult!

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