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Plant-Based Vanilla French Toast with Simmered Cranberries

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’Tis the season! I feel like the day after Thanksgiving my neighborhood goes into Holiday high gear. Literally every single house in my neighborhood is already decked out with holiday decorations, trees, Santas on the roof. I’m over here trying to recover from Thanksgiving lol.

Today is as good as any day to get the party started! I’m starting easy, grooving into the holiday season with breakfast. For this post, I teamed up with JUST and their new product JUST Egg. I used it over the summer, remember? It’s a product that truly blows my mind because it’s made from mung beans and yet it tastes just like eggs (texture and flavor). It’s wild!

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Ice Cream French Toast


Ice Cream French Toast //

Merry Christmas Eve! This French toast is what I like to refer to as “Ice Cream French Toast.” I think the ice cream part is really important. The challah toast is dunked in the ice cream base and then pan fried. It’s maybe my favorite way to make French toast EVER! In my book, it’s sort of the only way.

I’m currently in San Jose with Josh’s family. This is actually going to be my first Christmas not waking up in my childhood bed. I’m not gonna lie, I’m a little sad about it, just trying my hardest not to show it.

When I’m back home with at my parents’ house, I usually make this braided situation, but this year I decided to shake it up and make French toast. The best part about this recipe is how you can break up the work. Tonight I’m going to make the creme anglaise, keep it in the fridge so tomorrow morning all I’ll have to do is dunk it and fry up the French toast. Perfect Christmas morning breakfast in PJs and comfy socks. It’s my plan. For the recipe and all that jazz, head over to PBS Food.

Wishing you a super Merry Christmas. xo

Ice Cream French Toast //

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Pumpkin French Toast with Coffee-Dusted Pecans


Pumpkin French Toast with Coffee-Dusted Pecans //

This week has been solid. Super solid. Lots of full days, long to-do lists and lots of check marks next to stuff. The feeling of “have- worked” is one of my favorites. It makes that shower and beer at the end of the day feel soooo good. I even drank a beer in the shower and it was amazing. Do you drink stuff in the shower?! I sometimes have my morning cup of coffee in there and I loooove it, though it is tricky. You don’t wanna get soap water in your coffee/beer/juice, you know?

Earlier this week there was a lil’ giveaway and one of you in the comments said, “I can’t wait to make Pumpkin French Toast…” and I was like, whaaaa, that’s a thing?! I couldn’t get it out of my brain. I had to make it immediately! And so I did. It was heaven on a plate. I’m not trying to be all bossy, but you need to make this for breakfast very, very soon. You’ll love it.

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