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Roasted Sweet Potato and Fresh Fig Salad


Fig and Sweet Potato Salad

I have a few thoughts on my brain currently. No, they’re not intelligent thoughts. They’re just thoughts. This weekend is the first “football weekend” of the season and today I’m bringing you a salad. I guess this should tell you how invested I am in football.

I’m not one to have a bunch of traditions like eating breakfast in bed on Saturday (do real people actually do this?) or lighting candles at 5pm and getting in a hot tub to unplug…blah blah. But i will admit that starting traditions are kinda fun.

This fall my new tradition is rewatching Felicity. I started last night. Since LA is still being a jerk with its heatwave, I set a fan right in front of my face and watched Felicity while I ate delivery pizza. I call that one very awesome tradition, man. Fall reminds me of starting school. And Felicity starting school, moving to New York and being a psycho about Ben just brings warm nostalgic feelings in my tummy. But seriously, how crazy is Felicity in the beginning. Like, stalker status.

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Fig Cinnamon Jam



Last holiday season I had this wild ambition to make fig jam for gifts. Little did I know that fig season was long gone and the process for jarring jam was, well, a process. So I set out and googled jarring jam and was totally intimidated about buying a kit and sterilizing the bottles and having to boil them and so on. Basically, it just didn’t seem worth it. And until Caroline bought a canning kit, my opinion stayed the same. She assured me it was going to be easy breezy and, hey, there were two of us–we can handle something as simple as putting stuff in jars. With that, we were on our way. My initial failure of jam stayed with me and I was still determined to make some fig jam. Plus, figs are super cool. I googled some recipes and came across one that added cinnamon. Sold.


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