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Blistered Pea Hummus

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Blistered Pea Hummus |

I have a feeling that none of you would be my friend in real life if:

#1 You could hear the voice I use when speaking to Amelia. We all have animal voices. Mine is just REALLY bad. And strangely enough, it’s gets more grating the more tired I get.

#2 You could see me (sometimes!) reach into my dirty hamper and take out dirty socks and put them on my clean feet because ‘they’re not that dirty and I like black socks to match my black Nikes.

#3 You could see how many dishes I dirty when making simple things like a salad, lettuce cups or coffee. ‘Working clean’ is for fancy chefs or people who are more organized in their brains than me.

#4 You could see how many times I open the fridge/freezer, take a swig of something and then return it (versus, you know, pouring myself a glass). But really, I live with only one other person and we make out all the time so it’s totally fine if I double-dip, right…

And now, hummus.

Blistered Pea Hummus |
This hummus is a labor of love. I’m afraid that you’ll hate me because of this hummus recipe. I’ve made a super simple thing kind of more complicated but I think it’s worth it so please hear me out. Please!

This recipe starts with shucking a bunch of peas, which I honestly like doing. There’s something about repeating the same motion over and over that is soothing.

And then, I juiced the jackets! Whaaa! If you don’t have a juicer, you can totally skip this step, but I wanted the hummus to be as green as possible and I love the notion of waste not want not.

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Etsy: Spring Pea Soup with Fromage Blanc Cream

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Spring Pea Soup with Fromage Blanc Cream

One small spoon, a skewer and two adults (me included) were bent over this soup a few days ago, trying super hard to make cute heart dollops made of fromage blanc. I really wish you were present so you could laugh at me and tell me I’m ridiculous. But you’d probably just try and help because most you lovely people have your own blogs and are used to playing with your food until it looks as adorable as possible. Right?!

Sometimes I fuss over stuff because I’m annoying but this soup is as easy as can be. It celebrates of the 65 degree weather that spring is all about. I’m so glad we’re not sweating yet. It’s sweet, a little tart, creamy with a hint of onion from butter-roasted shallots and a spring onion bulb.

This is the soup I want to eat on a cool Tuesday night, sitting on the couch watching the tele. The full recipe is over on Etsy’s blog.

P.S. I’ve been gone most of the week because I’ve been working on fun stuff, video stuff that I will share with you soon. Can’t wait!

Fresh English Peas

Seared Gnocchi with Pea Pesto


I wonder when I’ll stop thinking it’s awesome that I can tweet, check Facebook and blog from 10,000 feet in the air. I hope never because this airplane internet technology makes me feel cool.

I’m currently flying across the country, working my way back to my lil’ corgi after a very short trip to New York City. Whenever I’m in that city, it not-so-gently reminds me how much of a New Yorker I am not. The thirty-degree winds make the skin on my face hurt. The subway system still confuses me. And never has a city made me feel like I’m too smiley for my own good.

But New York is also the city where pink refrigerators live on the sidewalks, it’s the home to epic restaurants and bars that are so cozy and warm, you find yourself there until 4am, talking away with one of your best friends. It’s a magical city. I hope that at some point in my life I can call home, at least for a little while.

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