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Cute Things 2012! (It’s a Giveaway!)



First, thank you so much for all the birthday wishes. You guys are cool! Second, all of the comments were so fun to read. Everyone’s best recent meal were so varied and wonderful – some were at restaurants that I want to try so badly (Saison in San Francisco, Little Serow in DC and AQ in San Francisco), while others described living room picnics and sweet meals their boyfriends made them. And there were a few bowls of cereal in there too, which for the record, I’m really into.

Alright, the random calculator gave me a number. I counted my way through the comments and Ashley is our winner! Here’s her comment: “great giveaway!!! and happy birthday! the last great meal i had was last weekend– my friends and i cooked up butternut squash lasagna, crispy fresh garlic bread, green salad with a lemon-garlic dressing, and for dessert, brown sugar bourbon ice cream with gingersnaps. decadent, but memorable.” Thanks for entering! xoxo}


It’s my birthday!

And on your b-day you can sort of do whatever you want, so today I’ve decided to channel Oprah and throw my own version of her famous “Favorite Things 2012.”

Mine is called “Cute Things 2012” (if you didn’t read the title of this post).

Oh man and do I have some cute things for you.

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