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Mini Alfajores

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Have I ever told you I’m really bad at math? Don’t ask me math questions. And please answer mine. If I’m asking, it means they’re serious and important.

For instance, if I for some reason burst into our office, covered in flour, and ask you how many grams 3/4 of a cup of flour is…it’s important. Really important.

Also, I’m a little heavy handed with the sugar when putting it in my coffee. Don’t judge me.

Let’s do cookie math, shall we? It’s way more fun than normal, real life math flour math…mainly because we get to eat this math.

This recipe yields 50 small cookies. For each cookie sandwich you’ll need two buttery, shortbread cookies and one small teaspoon of dulce de leche. Each cookie is about two bites. That means this recipe will give you 50 glorious, delicious bites of my childhood.

Yes, that’s right. These cookies you see here were some of the first I baked up. Ever.

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Dulce de Leche Ice Cream Sandwiches

Cookies, Desserts

This past week my family welcomed its newest member, the first in sixteen years, my cousin, Isabella Olivia. The minute I heard she entered the world, two things immediately happened. Firstly, I decided that I’d call her “Bella” (I’m a serious nickname giver), and secondly, my mind began racing thinking about all the amazing adventures that await her. I wish I could follow her around and be there to see her experience all sorts of stuff for the first time. Simple stuff…like eating a strawberry, seeing the beach, seeing elephants at the zoo…and trying her mother’s Alfajores for the first time.

You see, Isabella’s mother, my aunt, was taught how to make Alfajores by my great aunt who owns a humble, little bakery in the suburbs of Lima, Peru. Every morning, before dawn, they wake up and bake and talk and bake and talk. This morning tradition has been going on for forty-something years. Their best selling dessert is their Alfajores. I’ve been gifted the recipe by my aunt, and unfortunately was made to pinky swear to never share it with anyone, except for my future daughter or son.

I’m not going to lie, this recipe and that recipe have some pretty stark differences. For one, the dulce de leche (or Majarblanco. Fun fact:  Argentinians call this dulce de leche. Peruvians and various other South Americans call it Majarblanco) is made over the stovetop for hours and hours, requiring a lot of doting and attention. This method is much snappier and makes for quicker clean-up, and to my surprise tastes quite similarly. Secondly, the shortbread cookie recipe is drastically different, though both recipes yield a wonderful, light, flaky cookie that is the perfect partner to the decadent dulce de leche. But what really makes this recipe stand-out, is the vanilla ice cream sandwiched in the center. The dulce de leche tastes even better super cold, and to my surprise, the shortbread cookie is a total champ and holds up against the melty ice cream, which adds a super refreshing element. 

I think it’s super awesome that Bella will one day learn our aunt’s recipe too, and she’ll carry it close to her, as I do. Sometimes recipes are just recipes that you clip out of a magazine, or find on the internet on some random site, much like this one, but sometimes they’re so much more. On occasion the directions for how much butter, sugar and flour you use can weave together something that tells the stories of the struggle, happiness and hope that all came before you. Pretty cool…

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