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Aguadito (a.k.a. Peruvian Chicken Soup)

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I made you/me some soup. It’s green…

I wasn’t going to post it because, well, it might be the ugliest soup I’ve ever made. I usually like to share things that are pretty/cute/delicious. Not today, my friends!! Today I’m hurling nutritious, humble and necessary (for me anyway) your way.

My head is stuffed up, my nose is clogged, and my ears hurt (hello ear ache!). Yeah, I’m sick. UGH!

Growing up this is the soup my mama would make me to make things all better. So, this post comes straight from her mama heart through me. JUST like that scene at the end of Ghost, you know? When Whoopi let’s Patrick Swayze take over her body so Demi can get her last dance. JUST like that. So, basically this is my mom giving you this recipe (through me). Weird, right?

Let’s dance!

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Spicy Vegan Chili

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This is vegan chili:

…This is not:

That delicious dollop of sour cream is so powerful!! It changes EVERYTHING!

Chili is like cornbread. Rules exist about chili rights and wrongs. No beans. No this. No that. People are super picky and sentimental about the stuff. And, I mean…I get it. I do.


Before I begin, let me say this: If you’re from Texas, and this chili offends you, I’m sorry. I love everything Texas. I really do.

Friday Night Lights is the best show to ever grace our TV screens. (Yeah, I said it.)

I’ve been wanting to take a road trip to Marfa and sleep in one of those hipster tee-pees for I dunno how long.

Migas might be one of my favorite breakfast dishes ever…(next to pancakes, obvi).

And despite El Paso being the scariest city in the country, when I drive across Texas, I still pass through.

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Cheddar Chive Spoon Bread

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Whenever I think of good hybrids, the first thing that comes to mind are designer dogs, bred purely to fill the high standards of cuteness our society currently has. They are:

Goldendoodles (Golden Retriever + Poodle = ridiculously cute genius type)

Labradoodles (Labrador + Poodle = super friendly genius type)

Puggles (Beagle + Pug = the smallest pile of cuteness ever)

Maltipoos (Maltese + Poodle = super smart small animal)

My recent hybrid obsession isn’t dog related at all. Surprisingly, I know. It’s a food hybrid and it’s been around for a really long time, and is about as American as baseball and Bruce Springsteen. Word on the street is that it was actually served morning, day and night at Thomas Jefferson’s Monticello Home. Fancy. It’s called:

Spoon Bread (Grits + Cornbread = homey, comforting, awesomeness)

Since I love both grits and cornbread, it’s sort of an ideal dish for me. And because I would never dream of having grits without cheese, I thought it’d be a smart move to add cheddar and bit of chives for a punch of color and texture.

You start with pretty much making grits. Pouring your milk into your saucepan with few tablespoons of butter.

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Corn Chorizo Pizza with Goat Cheese and Avocado

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Since I enjoy cooking, I hardly ever Sandra Lee-it. Meaning, I steer clear of store bought ingredients like pie crusts, biscuits, cookie dough, etc. I always find it easier to just make them myself, cheaper even and definitely healthier.

But I have a confession: I totally Sandra Lee-ed it on this pizza. I’ve been working like crazy lately and I wanted to enjoy the day outside rather than being locked inside forced to wait for this pizza dough to take its sweet-ass time rising.

I also didn’t want to slave over the stove for my marinara sauce to come out just right, or spend time shucking ears of corn–so I used the frozen stuff. Yes, at the peak of its season I opted for the frozen stuff in my freezer. It was a pretty day, okay?

So I took Sandra Lee’s route, but only my way. Instead of going to the grocery store to get pizza dough, which is usually loaded with preservatives, I went to a local pizza place that I love and bought pizza dough from them for $3. I didn’t even know you could do this until a few months ago.

Then I bought some good quality, jarred marinara sauce; bought my other ingredients and had my pizza done in twenty-seven minutes flat.

Yes, twenty…seven. (I timed it.)

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