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Shrimp Tostadas


Shrimp Tostada //

We’re not really in the dog days of summer. When I think of that term I picture early August, humidity that humbles you and days that involve inner tubes, a river, a cooler full of beer and a janky waterproof radio. Those are some dreamy summer days; instead I’ll be super busy making pie after pie recipe and wishing I had central air conditioning. I’m not complaining, in fact, I’m super excited about my summer.

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Spiced Apple Chips

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This post is totally not supposed to be about me eating forty apple chips in one sitting. That wasn’t my intention when I went to the store on Friday.

I was there to buy seven-layer-gradient-glitter-birthday-cake ingredients. (I was dreaming up a cake that matched my nails.) Instead I left with a big brown bag of apples.

I think it was a subconcious move to avoid my birthday. Typically, I’m totally not a good birthday person. I don’t like to throw myself parties, or bake myself cakes, or even let most people know it’s my big day.

The whole thing usually just gives me an anxiety attack and makes my face red and arms sweat. But this year I decided to shake the bad birthday attitude, man-up and celebrate. So here I am…

Just making myself some Apple Chips.

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I ♥ Nachos

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I understand that no one needs a recipe for nachos. I get it.  We’re all adults. Nachos are a no-brainer.

And I’ll happily admit that this really was just an excuse for me to make nachos.  It was game day and I thought I’d get in the mood with a little chips with cheese.

And then proceeded to watch Teen Mom instead of the game. Good idea.

Before we move on with nachos, can we all just agree that Teen Mom is the scariest show on television? Even more terrifying than Hoarders…

Back to nachos.

I have some nacho theories (um, don’t we all?).

I’m particular about nachos. And can sometimes get an attitude about the way nachos are assembled.

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