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Masala-Chai Carrot Cupcakes with Spiced Maple Frosting

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I’m currently in the middle—what I like to call—autumnal chaos. I am busy editing photos every night until 10pm, which also means I’m consuming a large amount of reality television. I’m incredibly embarrassed to admit that I have watched every.single.episode of Shahs of Sunset and I have so many opinions about them. The other day I went to their neighborhood (West LA) and I was like, “If I run into one of them…I won’t be able to control myself!” I was bummed I didn’t see them.

One recipe that was at the very top of my to-make list this season was to fall-ify carrot cupcakes. This is inspired by some ras al hanout carrot cupcakes in Casablanca: My Moroccan Food.

Carrot cake is already filled with spices but with these cupcakes we’re just adding WAY more, while also adding some other spices in the mix.

These cupcakes are glorious to freeze. And then thaw in the fridge when you’re ready to eat and serve.

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Chai Iced Tea


If we met in real life, like face-to-face, I might be kinda shy at first. Not like first grade shy, but a little shy. Like I’d probably smile a lot and not speak for a while. I might study you a bit…might look at your shoes…I might even be jellz of your pretty hair cut…or think you look like this friend of mine from back home or something, but I won’t say any of this…until I get to know you a little more. I’m just kind of shy at first–it’s super annoying, mostly to me.

Cut to: yesterday at Whole Foods. I’m standing there in line, minding my own business, just checking my phone when this girl–who I don’t know–starts waving at me. Soooo…you know, I’m polite so I hesitantly wave back thinking…this girl knows me and I’m sort of a jerk for not knowing her, but whatevs, I’m gonna play this off and just wave back and it’ll be over soon.

Dude. This girl didn’t stop waving…she just kept going, as if we knew each other so well that I should’ve probably gotten out of line to say hi. At this point I was just in straight panic mode…so I just kept waving…and smiling…

And thennn…I turn to my left and realize she has been waving to the person behind me…The. Entire. Time.

Yeah, so that happened. Please tell me this has happened to you…I need this.

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