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Celery Root Purée

Celery Root Mash with Dill Oil


Celery Root Purée

If there were an award show like, say, the Golden Globes (for vegetables), celery root wouldn’t be invited. Celery root would be the bathroom attendant handing napkins to chantrelle mushrooms. Or celery root might be hired to direct the limos, which would be full of fancy, purple cauliflower and haricot vert.

Celery root would go home after the award show to hang out with her kids and put food on the table. Celery root is a good lady; a humble, good lady. Not glamorous, not fancy, not famous but totally awesome.

This celery root mash is like an updated, more interesting version of mashed potatoes.

It’s made similarly by boiling the celery root and single potato.

The cooked celery root and single potato are then pulsed in a food processor until they’re somewhat smooth.

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