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Carrot Cake Bread

Carrot Cake Bread with Cream Cheese Glaze


You know the saying, “Live today like it’s your last…”?!?

Well, I think that’s ridiculous. Because we all know that if we actually followed that idiom we wouldn’t be sitting at our desks, sipping tea, answering emails and being responsible human beings. We’d be in Hawaii on some beach in a bathing suit, rolling around in the sand while making out with someone awesome. We’d be drinking refreshing alcoholic beverages out of coconuts, telling sweet jokes and laughing with our friends. We wouldn’t be in stale air conditioning…working.

Another dumb idiom: “Easy as pie.” Pie isn’t easy!

Regardless, yesterday I guess you could say I followed the “live today like blah blah” because I sat in bed and ate this carrot cake bread while reading a magazine. And while it certainly wasn’t Hawaii, it was still pretty nice…

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