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Butternut Squash

Butternut Squash Hand Pies


Do you have a hobby? You know, something you do for fun and just for fun, a creative outlet, something that helps clear your mind and something you just simply enjoy doing.

Maybe cooking is your hobby. Maybe that’s why you’re here. If so, HI!!

I’m in search of a hobby. I want to find something I enjoy doing, just for fun with no pressure to be good at it. A lot of times I’ll try something and want to be amazing at it and then I try it, and obviously fail at being amazing since it’s my first time, and then want to give up. Lame. Not this time! I just wanna chill out, man. I wanna like screen print a shirt, or do some pottery.

And I know this might sound a little bit like a mid-life crisis situation (I’m neither in the middle of my life nor in crisis, but even if I was SO WHAT! WHO CARES!), but I think hobbies are important. I think creating things is important.

Even if you do something creative as a job, it’s kind of nice to do a new creative thing where failing doesn’t matter. Who cares if you suck at knitting?! You can always just buy a sweater if you need it. Who cares if you suck at pottery? You got plates!

Sometimes failing or succeeding isn’t all that important. The doing is what’s important.

If cooking is your hobby, I gotz something for you to do!

Take the jump, let’s make some pieeee.

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Butternut Squash, Red Potato and Quinoa Hash

Breakfast, Dinner


I’m an unbalanced breakfast eater. I either want a stack of pancakes with bacon and orange juice and, like, a strong spicy bloody mary…or nothing at all. I’m talking like a cup of coffee, while eating two stale tootsie rolls and scrolling through breakfast. I want dreamy breakfast or miserable breakfast. Nothing in between!

This is why this dish, to me, is dinner. The good news is that it sort of works for any time of day. It’s a good “anytime” meal. Buy the ingredients, have them on hand and make it when you feel like. It’s like a unisex shirt, it just works for everyone.

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Pancetta, Butternut Squash and Goat Cheese Tart


Tomorrow! Big day! Are you stressed yet? Are you skipping washing dishes and going out to eat instead? I’ve done this a few times. I ain’t mad at you. I get it. I do.

Are you in another country and totally sick of Thanksgiving talk? I feel you…don’t worry, it’s almost over.

Today is all about prep.

This means sweats, music blasting, warm socks, turkey brining in a gigantic paint bucket, pie making…kinda fun! Kinda stressful.

You need a snack…

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