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DIY: Tangerine Brown Sugar Lip Scrub


DIY: Tangerine Brown Sugar Lip Scrub //

When I first moved to L.A. I was on a crazy strict budget. I’m talking the kind of budget where I was eating once a day and that meal consisted of, like, a few dollar tacos. It was kinda sucky, but honestly I’m really thankful for that time in my life; it gave me drive and made me more conscious as to how I spend my money. Before this, I strictly bought beauty products at department stores and Sephora. My little broke period forced me to start buying beauty products from the drug store; and you know what, I still buy A LOT of my beauty products from Walgreens. I find that many of them are just as good as fancy products.

One of the things I stopped buying during this period was Fresh’s Lip Polish; not because it wasn’t effective—it’s my absolute favorite—but because I found that it was SO easy to make at home. I made a big batch the other day when my lips looked cracked and gross and really needed some refreshing. While Los Angeles has had an oddly warm winter, it has been super dry, leaving my lips not looking their cutest.

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How To Soften Hard Brown Sugar


How To Moisten Brown Sugar

I am officially a crazy Spring cleaner. And I’m going to be honest, I’ve never really done Spring cleaning. I’ve always done Spring cleaning when I’ve moved from old apartment to new apartment, or when the disorganization got between me and finding something I wanted to wear.

Spring cleaning has never been something I’ve done in, well, Spring. But this year, oh this year! I’ve really impressed myself. I’m doing Spring cleaning. And it’s actually kinda nice. It’s making me feel more in control of my life, like I have it together or something. I’ve started with the part of my house that gives me the most anxiety: my pantry (that’s actually just a gigantic cabinet). In the back, in the far corners of this beast, I found oh I dunno like five or six bags of dark brown sugar. All of them hard as a rock.

Let me interrupt myself to say that I have no idea if you know how to soften brown sugar. You might be rolling your eyes when you see this post. I mean, does everyone know this is how you rehydrate brown sugar? Am I posting obvious advice? Is this going to be useful? Does everyone have a grandma who told them these things?

My grandmother never taught me to do this. I learned about this years ago from Google. I’m pretty sure I was baking at midnight (my favorite time to bake) and wanted to make cookies (obviously), only to find that the brown sugar was hard and looked like McDonald’s chicken nuggets.

If this isn’t obvious advice to you and you really would like to know how to save your brown sugar, continue…

If not, I’ll have some OMG-breakfast situation tomorrow.

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