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Rhubarb Caipirijito


Rhubarb Caipirijito |

The name of this cocktail is just an indicator that there are times in the kitchen when I don’t know what I exactly want and am usually like, why can’t I add mint to this. I’d only make sense! This is a hodgepodge of two kinds of cocktails: a mojito and a caipirinha. So…that makes it a caipirijito. If I’ve confused you, please ignore me and make this cocktail with rum and you can call it a rhubarb mojito.

Sometimes I overly complicate things and annoy myself.

What is the difference between cachaca and rum anyway? There is a difference, even though it might not seem that way at first glance.

Rhubarb Caipirijito |

Rum is made using processed cane; hence the reason why rum usually has notes of molasses.

Cacacha is much cleaner in flavor because it’s made with unprocessed cane juice. So, I think when you’re pairing it with something like, say, rhubarb, the cleaner flavor is the way to go.

There are a ton of cacachas out there you can use; I picked a super standard one called Pitu. It’s great for mixing cocktails a.k.a. caipirhinias. Is it fancy? No, it won’t impress anyone and it’s definitely not made to sip, but it’ll do the trick when making mixed drinks. And it’s not expensive at all.

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Pomegranate Tarragon Caipiroska


Pomegranate Tarragon Caipiroska //

This lil’ drink recipe was inspired by the super goth dahlias that are currently chilling in a vase on my nightstand. Their deep dark purple hue makes me excited for this month. It’s gettin’ all fall-like up in my house.

This week I have downright earned my weekend. There have been a few allergy attacks, lots of emails, a parking ticket, one vet visit for Amelia which ended in her wearing a cone (she can no longer bear corgi children, but she’s a-ok!) and more emails. I’m gonna need a drink come 5pm. Maybe sooner. One of my favorite drinks in the world is a caipirinha. I’d categorize it as a Brazilian mojito, but made with cachaca. It’s usually what I order when I’m back home in Florida. It’s a beach-day drink. This drinks is its weird, goth-y cousin who no one understands…made with vodka.

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