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Blood Orange Curd

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Bloor Orange Curd |

Right now, at this very moment, I’m really into the art of relaxation. When I think of proper relaxation, I think of George from Seinfeld (and all of the other people who followed him) eating a candy bar with a knife and fork. I have no idea why but eating something that you should eat with your hands with a knife and fork feels like pure luxury to me! George was a man who knew how to live right.

I tried to eat this cracker and cheese and curd situation with a knife and fork and sort of failed but the attempt was ridiculous and absurd but soooo enjoyable. Today I teamed up with The Laughing Cow® to bring you a reinvention on an old classic: the cheese, cracker and jam combo.

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Blood Orange Lemonade


I’m a little excited about Spring, can’t you tell?!

Also, aren’t Spring showers so much more glamorous in theory.

In our dreams, there’s brightly colored tulips dripping with rain drops, yellow Hunter rainboots, super cute umbrelleas–but it never goes that way, does it?

Instead there’s matted-hair-that-was-just-rained-on, water seeping through shoes reaching socks (ew!), and just overall not cuteness.

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