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Mexican Chocolate Chile Ice Cream


Mexican Chocolate Chile Ice Cream

Have you ever photographed ice cream?! Good gracious. Talk about stress, man. I shot four ice cream recipes in about two hours, which is crazy fast for me. (Typically I move painfully slow.) It had nothing to do with efficiency–but rather, total panic. There I was with glamorous streaks of creme anglaise in my hair, running from room to room, looking for the scooper, the lens cleaner, the omg! I hate shooting ice cream – never again! Amelia thought photographing ice cream was a new and fun game so of course she bolted from room to room right behind me. She also starred lovingly at the melty, drippy ice cream. She would’ve eaten it–she’s not a discriminator!

In the second installment of Ice Cream Week on A Cozy Kitchen I bring you this week’s underdog. This recipe started as simple, but-very-important-to-me coffee ice cream. Not just any coffee ice cream but coffee ice cream made with some of my favorite coffee in LA. But then I got distracted and started cleaning out my horrid spice drawer and found treasures. TREASURES, I tell you. So, it quickly evolved into this Mexican chocolate situation. I debated on a name. I considered Mole Ice Cream but then someone on Twitter said it sounds like moles are in ice cream, like, the animal, so I decided against it–I think it was a good move.

There are no animals NOR spies in this ice cream. Just awesome spices, an ancho chile pepper, some coffee and well…take the jump Continue Reading