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Vegan Fettuchini Alfredo

Dinner, Pasta

A few Friday things:

1. I’m officially addicted to Pinterest. I feel like I’ve said this before, but then I forget about it and blah blah. But this week I reorganized my pins, started following more people, etc. I’m into it!

2. Do you ever love a song so much that you google the lyrics so you can sing along? I can’t be the only person that does this. A lil’ embarrassing, but how else are you supposed to memorize the CORRECT lyrics?

3. I sometimes think I was put on this earth to convince skeptical people to watch and love Friday Night Lights. I feel like it’s my duty. WATCH IT!

4. Spotify. Are you on it? I like it. I can listen to all sorts of music whenever I want, though, I hate its sharing aspect. I don’t want people to see what ridiculousness I’m listening to. I don’t ALWAYS listen to cool-people music. And sometimes I wanna listen to the same song over and over and I don’t want to be judged, okay?! If you, too, feel this way, “private profile” is the way to go.

5. Trying is very important. I try hard at all sorts of things. Another thing that’s important: knowing when to quit. I quit something this week, I think, and it feels sad, but relieving all at the same time.

6. When you quit something, you might have the urge to eat your feelings. That’s cool, but also try drinking them. That’s fun too!

7. In other news, I’m eating more vegan food. Because I like to feel healthy every now and then. And I’m in love with this bathing suit. This pasta could be considered “bathing suit pasta.” It’s totally a thing.

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Dinner for One: Vegan Latin Bowl


Dinner for One

I love my friends and my family and my dude, but sometimes it’s really nice to have no one talk to me for a few hours, you know? It’s nice to just be in silence with some beer and paint my nails.

Non sucky dinners for one are good examples on how to date yourself. Yes, yourself. Date nights with yourself. Do you have them? You totally should, they’re the best. For me they usually involve a pair of pjs, an episode or two (or three) of Nashville (currently obsessed), cold cereal, sometimes takeout, but more recently? This bowl.

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Vegan Spiced Almond Banana Milk


Almond Milk

Breakfast is my main chick. My main steeze. My main squeeze. My major.

But so many times I skip breakfast, decide to eat a cup of coffee instead, sit at my computer and next thing I know it it’s noon and I’m so angry. I’m hangry.

So, in 2013 I didn’t have any major resolutions. I’m not good at those. But I did decide to eat breakfast more regularly. And I to travel to far away places.

One of my main problems in the morning is that I’m not that hungry. I don’t wake up ravenous; I wake up wanting water and coffee. And Instagram. I have to force myself to consume something at 8am. This banana milk a good option. It’s nutritious, tasty, and super easy to make.

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Vegan Avocado Mousse with Avocado Coconut Creme


Vegan Avocado Pudding

Last week, two days before the party I threw, I bought twelve (yes, twelve!!) avocados with a grand plan to make myyyyy guacamole. I mean, who doesn’t love guacamole?! Demons, maybe.

So, yesss, I had avocado plans, but…oh, I dunno, the night before the party, I realized that the avocados were still hard as a rock. Like, no softness AT ALL. I googled avocado-ripeneing tricks (and yes they exist) and tried one. I put all of the avocados in a big paper bag with an over-ripened, ugly brown banana. The bananas have a chemical called ethylene, which is a hormone that triggers ripening in mature fruit. Food science, I like you! Well, it sounded like it would’ve worked but I think my avocados weren’t mature; they were immature, so nothing. Still hard.

That meant I was left with a crazy amount of avocados that became ripe days later. My brain froze. All I could go to was avocado pie and guacamole so I took to the world of Facebook and all of you assisted me quite nicely. Many of you commented about avocado mousse. I was intrigued. I did some research. I tested a few times and boom! Here we are.

Ok. So. I think we should talk about the mousse because it really can’t be simpler but you must promise me a few things.

You must promise to me that you’ll use either honey, agave or powdered sugar. Regular sugar will be grainy. And I actually really love the flavor of the agave with the chocolate so I think that works out just lovely.

And secondly, you must promise to me that you’ll include the ground cardamom. It’s just so important. It’s not to be missed.

The cardamom flavor isn’t overwhelming, it’s actually barely detectable, but it works with the chocolate in the nicest ways. And the salt! Oh the salt is important.

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