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Roasted Red Pepper Burrata Crostini


Are you familiar with the coonhound Maddie? She stands on things. That’s all. She’s famous because she stands on things. But not just any things, but more like everything. She stands between two refrigerator doors, she stands on a basketball hoop (!!), she stands on the McDonald’s “M”, and sometimes she just sleeps…and looks totally adorable while doing so. I might be a little obsessed. Just a little.

I realized this yesterday when I was walking, talking and gushing to a friend all about Maddie…like I knew her. I’m totally emotionally invested in this creature I’ve never petted, seen or met in real life. The internet is SO WEIRD. So weird…and kewl.

I urge you to hop over to Maddie’s world and just stare at how awesome she is. And then come back because I have burrata which is–in my opinion–just as obsession-worthy as Maddie.

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Top 10 Coolest Summertime Recipes


Well a kitchen flop happened. Womp, womp. But it’s okay…it’s okay! These things happen from time to time, just a part of trying weird stuff in the kitchen.

A sweet ombré situation was attempted yesterday, unfortunately the situation didn’t result in utter deliciousness. Not to worry ’cause it will…oh it will! I’m determined. Tweaks will be made, adjustments will happen here and there. Maybe an all around color change? I’m thinking red to pink to white, instead of blue to turquoise. Thoughts…?

Let’s think of this like a group recipe testing situation. Collaboration between you and me! I like this!

In other news, I figured it was time to dig deep down into the archives of A Cozy Kitchen and break out some summertime recipes. Like any normal person, I definitely play favorites. Let’s explore!

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Aguadito (a.k.a. Peruvian Chicken Soup)

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I made you/me some soup. It’s green…

I wasn’t going to post it because, well, it might be the ugliest soup I’ve ever made. I usually like to share things that are pretty/cute/delicious. Not today, my friends!! Today I’m hurling nutritious, humble and necessary (for me anyway) your way.

My head is stuffed up, my nose is clogged, and my ears hurt (hello ear ache!). Yeah, I’m sick. UGH!

Growing up this is the soup my mama would make me to make things all better. So, this post comes straight from her mama heart through me. JUST like that scene at the end of Ghost, you know? When Whoopi let’s Patrick Swayze take over her body so Demi can get her last dance. JUST like that. So, basically this is my mom giving you this recipe (through me). Weird, right?

Let’s dance!

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Goat Cheese Tomato Soup (with a Grilled Cheese)

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A couple things on this lovely day:

1. Wrapping cylinder objects is super annoying. Like, how am I supposed to wrap the bottoms and the tops, and it still be somewhat presentable?!

2. Yesterday, as I was standing in line at the post office, I realized no one really understands the whole priority, express, confirmation slip, tracking number deal–it’s confusing. Too many options, man. And I have to say, the women at the post office are incredibly patient with people. They just sit there and explain the rules OVER and OVER and OVER. And people are still confused. I feel like this needs to be taught to us in schools.

3. Last night, as I was getting ready to head out, I went to go flat iron my bangs, didn’t realize the setting was on 450˙ and burned a good piece of my bangs. Just straight fried a chunk of hair off. Yeah. That happened. So, if you see me in the next few weeks, I might be doing a little bang pinning to the side action.

4. When it’s freezing out all I want is soup. I want to ingest heat. I think I particularly like drinking heat. That’s where this soup comes in…

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Kitchen Flops!!


This past weekend I tried to make chocolate and sea salt croissant sandwiches.

I went in with the most delicious intentions–I really did, but they didn’t work. And, I actually don’t have proof of these puff pastry things in their pre-bake stage because I failed to put the memory card in my camera.

So, yes…you heard right: I failed to put the memory card in the camera, AND the recipe ended up failing. Whatever.

Kitchen flops happen. They just do. Wanna see and hear about more of them?! Of course you do.

Let’s go down recipe failure lane together…

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