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Happy Birthday, Amelia!

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Happy Birthday, my sweet Amelia!

Amelia is officially one year older but don’t worry because she’s still bratty, a little looney, still has an attitude when I try and touch her toes, still loves to roll around in grass and still loves harder than any dog I’ve ever met.

She is the one living thing that is by my side ALL day long. We literally do everything together. I feel lucky to have her in my life. And when I think seriously about her, I get emotional and teary because she is 100% my best friend.

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Fall Picnic with Amelia

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Fall Picnic with Amelia

Amelia is so fun. I’m not sure if you saw but she made an appearance on Martha Stewart’s Instagram. Is this me gloating? YES IM VERY PROUD OF HER. Bringing Amelia into our little family has been the best decision because she makes everything that much more fun.

She makes ordinary walks fun. Have you ever seen a dog get scared of a trash bag? That happens. She makes friends with everyone, including every child she’s ever met. She’s genuinely so happy all the time that it’s hard to be mad at life’s little annoyances.

Fall Picnic with Amelia

We go on picnics with her all the time, which is sometimes difficult because she tries to eat our food. One time she ate someone fancy prosciutto! Someone I didn’t even know. Luckily he thought it was funny but OMG HOW EMBARRASSING!

Fall Picnic with Amelia

When Stella & Chewy’s reached out to me for their Everyday Awesome campaign I was happy to tell my story about how Amelia make everyday awesome for me.
Amelia LOVES their food.

We started bringing a small snack for Amelia on picnics so she gets it in her brain that she also gets to eat, which hopefully will make it so she doesn’t eat our food. Amelia eats mostly raw so Stella & Chewy’s is perfect for her.

Fall Picnic with Amelia

Fall Picnic with Amelia

She’s actually been eating it since she was a baby and she loves it! We use Stella & Chewy’s as a meal mixer so we’ll mix this into dry food (if we’re on a picnic or on a roadtrip) or add it to the pumpkin puree and veggies she eats (at home).

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Pumpkin Pupcakes for Amelia

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Pumpkin Pupcakes

When I was away over the weekend, Josh told me that Amelia was sleepy and calm, which she never is. He blamed me. He said that I was her spirit animal.

It’s sort of true. We both humor and entertain and keep each other company every single day. She is my best friend.

We go everywhere together (Target, Home Depot, World Market, Michael’s) and are rarely not around each other. Since I work from home, Josh knew we’d be good for each other.

It’s Amelia’s birthday! She’s one year older but oddly not less puppy-like. She still plays ALL THE TIME. She still chews your hand when she gets excited. She still steals my socks and won’t give them back. She still barks at cakes and roast chickens and anything else she feels like she deserves.

Pumpkin Pupcakes

Pumpkin Pupcakes

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