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Bananas Foster Hand Pies


Bananas Fosters Hand Pies…but first, a story!

I feel like I’ve been gone forever but what happened was…I got the flu last week and it hit me so hard I could barely move. It was the absolute worst but luckily I was able to take a few days to recover. I always think getting sick might be kinda relaxing and peaceful but honestly it’s horrible. The pain and body aches and chills are so not worth the “time off.” It also induced some serious anxiety because I fell so behind on work so now I’m fervently trying to keep up.

And here we are with the first catch up: Bananas Fosters Hand Pies! These hand pies are topped with yellow glaze and custom yellow sprinkles. The inside is a few mashed bananas all foster’d up by cooking them with a bit of rum, brown sugar, pinch of salt and butter. Fairly simple and straight forward!

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Berry Crinkle Cookies

Cakes, Desserts, Quick and Easy, Spring, Summer, Winter

Crinkle cookies have always been super illusive to me. How do they crinkle? Why do they crinkle? Are they good? Would Berry Crinkle Cookies be delicious?

I have to say, they’ve always looked good to me. But how would they taste, I would question? The answer is…kinda good! I mean the chocolate ones are delicious. Like chocolate cake-y cookies. What could be bad about them? Nothing. Absolutely nothing.

But the internet has a lot of chocolate crinkle cookies and I try and add value to this world, you know. So if I was going to make my own version, I wanted it to be special, unique, and cute. Enter: berry crinkle cookie.

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Spicy Lobster Bucatini with Burrata (for Two)

Desserts, Dinner, One-Pot Meals, Quick and Easy

I feel like I haven’t talked about my super exciting life lately. Well, I spent the weekend doing work, working out and going to a Super Bowl party where I ate so many snacks that Monday required vegan meals ONLY. That halftime show was one of the most boring things my eyes have ever experienced. I almost fell asleep but somehow I made it through. One thing that dramatically helped were these animal-style cheeseburger empanadas. They were unreal.

I might have to try and recreate them soon!

I’m currently plotting to have a yard sale and am simultaneously excited and nervous to let so many things go. Will I regret selling all my things? I barely use them so hopefully not. I actually love getting rid of things so hopefully I’ll be ok. I’m guessing I won’t miss them and will appreciate the extra pocket money it will provide me.

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