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10 Cozy Things to Make in March 2019


It’s March, which is always a super weird month for me because it’s that awkward time that’s sandwiched in between late and boring winter and early spring. I feel like it’s one of those months when I’m always like, “what should I make?!” Hopefully this list will help us all.

Strawberry Beignets – Fat Tuesday was yesterday and yet these still feel very appropriate.

Mojo Sheet Pan Chicken – Winter citrus is still thriving, which means we should all make this mojo sheet pan chicken.

Irish Soda bread – I dislike most Irish Soda Breads because they’re bland and boring but not this one!

Enchilada Chicken Tortilla Soup – This tortilla soup is one of those soups that can be made in under 30 minutes so naturally it’s a big win.

Flaky Buttermilk Biscuits – These might be my favorite biscuits ever and can’t wait to make them soon.

Berry Crinkle Cookies – This was my most-made recipe of last month. Everyone made them! YAY!

Green Arroz Con Pollo – This Verde Arroz con Pollo is my favorite iteration of arroz con pollo. It’s herbaceous and delicious. I can’t recommend it enough.

Banana Foster Hand Pies – While the strawberry crinkle cookies were the most made last month, these were definitely the cutest.

Pumpkin Tahini Loaf – This pumpkin tahini loaf is seasonal, yes, and maybe you only want pumpkin things in October but I swear it’s really good even now.

Ribollita – I hear it’s snowing in Chicago and New York and it’s still frigid temperatures. This is the cure to that!

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10 Cozy Things to Make In February 2019


While February is a very short month, it’s also a very cool month. Lots of things going on in this month. There is game day (which I barely partake in), Black History Month and of course, Valentine’s Day. When I was in New York, I did root for The Rams because I felt like they needed the support. I will be rooting for them on Super Bowl Sunday, too. And while, I think the NFL is V problematic, I understand people’s need for joy in the name of football.

Anyway, here we are in February. These are some things I’d like to recommend for your cooking consideration:

1. Red Velvet Heart Surprise Cupcakes – These cupcakes felt like a victory. After a handful of failures, having these turn out felt like we finished the marathon. But we didn’t. We just ended up with good tasting cupcakes.

2. Warm Caramelized Fennel + Leek Dip – This dip is one of my favorite things EVER. It’s an oldie (sorta) but still incredibly solid. If you’ve never really liked fennel, trust me cheese makes it way better. You will be a changed human.

3. Instant Pot Pozole Verde con Pollo – This recipe was super popular last month because it’s EASY EASY EASY. And the polar vortex decimated the mid-west and north east. It was even chilly in Los Angeles and rainy so this has been on repeat.

4. Warm Cuban Dip Sandwich Dip – Have you ever had a Cuban sandwich? This is the dip version, utilizing all of the components that are usually in the sandwich. This dip is DELICIOUS.

5. Mini Chocolate Sheet Cake for Two with Raspberry Frosting – If you’re looking for a cake that is perfect for two people (ok, maybe four people), this is it! The frosting is super tasty, too.

6. Ginger Shrimp Stir-Fry with Garlicky Bok Choy – I’ve made this a few times since I posted it because it’s so simple to throw together and it’s healthy. At this time of year, I want dishes that are comforting and warm but light.

7. Strawberry + Cream Cookies – I know that spring is still far away and yet all of us—especially those living in colder states—can’t wait for its arrival. These luckily don’t require fresh spring strawberries. They get their flavor from freeze-dried strawberries and paired with white chocolate chips, it’s a nice win.

8. Bourbon Pecan Chocolate Chip Cookies – These chocolate chip cookies are PERFECT for a party because they have everyone’s favorite ingredient: alcohol.

9. Classed-Up Double Decker Tacos – My college self loved Taco Bell with absolutely zero shame. My thirty-something year old self cares about ingredients a bit more and, well, balance? Lol. But sometimes you gotta make double decker tacos and homemade ones are even better!

10. Oat Milk Collagen Hot Chocolate – Since it’s still chilly and it’s 2019 and we’re annoying and now consume collagen, here is a recipe for oat milk collagen hot chocolate. I still drink this.

11. Strawberry Heart Conversation Cake – Did you hear that they stopped making conversation candy? I honestly can’t say that I’m THAT bummed. That candy sorta tastes gross but you know what is delightful? This strawberry heart cake!

10 Cozy Recipe to Make This January 2019


HIIII! It’s 2019. Good gracious. I had a wonderful break full of family, Peru, reflection and rest and relaxation.

I spent the long weekend trying to get my pantry drama together and organize my spices. I always find great comfort in what organizing and a label-maker provide me. Lol.

Now that we’re here and ready for the year, I feel like we can dive into some recipes that belong in our January repertoire. The month of January is always full of healthy-ish recipes and food that brings me comfort because it’s cold!! (even in Los Angeles). Here’s a collection of some recipes that will be on repeat this month.

Aguadito – I always describe this as Peruvian Pho. It’s not exactly like Pho obviously, but it’s similar due to how herbaceous and lime-y it is. It also cures a cold with a quickness! I always make it with rice but you can add quinoa, too.

Creamy Vegan Kale + Mushroom Macaroni and Cheese – If you’re trying to eat less meat but are still seeking something warm and cozy, this is it! The “cheese” doesn’t taste strange either!

Mojito Cupcakes – These mojito cupcakes are so delicious and fluffy. I say go ahead and use any other type of winter citrus, if you’re feeling like it.

Harissa Chicken with Fluffy Couscous – This delicious harissa-smothered chicken is cooked over a bed of couscous. And then drizzled with lemon-y yogurt, pomegranate and tons of Italian parsley. Yum.

Brussels Sprouts Soba Noodle with Miso-Tahini Dressing – I make this salad dressing ALL the time. It goes well on spinach or other types of hearty greens. If you like, you can make this whole sha-bang—it’s delicious.

Citrus Poppy Seed Cookies – Is there anything better than soft cookies? NOO! I know we’re probably all cookie-ed out but these are glorious.

Laura’s book (I still use it!) and it’s a delicious “polenta” recipe using millet. The green onion oil is super tasty. It’s a warm comforting healthy meal that makes me feel light and bright.

Vegetarian Sweet Potato Black Bean Enchiladas – These enchiladas are super delicious. They’re vegetarian and have the right amount of indulgence; they won’t weigh you down but feel nice on a cold night.

Blood Orange Poundcake – This poundcake has the perfect crumb. The blood orange zest is inside the cake and the glaze makes it super beautiful.

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