15 Cozy Things to Make in December 2018

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Before I get all sad about 2018 coming to a close, I want to celebrate beautiful December. Yesterday I got my tree and decorated it with my mama and as I was doing so, I was like DANG I LOVE CHRISTMAS. It really is the best time of year. Hectic, yes, but oh so beautiful.

Here are some v cozy things to make in December:

How to Build a Winter Cheese Board – For any party or get together, a cheese board is always in order.

Corgi Masala-Chai Cookies – Let’s be honest: sugar cookies with royal icing aren’t the most tasty cookies. They’re kinda for just looks. These cookies ACTUALLY taste good. There’s a nice dose of honey. The spices are delightful and it’s shaped like Amelia.

Bourbon Pecan Dark Chocolate Cookies – Is there anything better than chocolate chip cookies spiked with bourbon and laced with chopped up pecans? No. Absolutely not.

Instant Pot Tortilla Soup – This soup can also be made in a regular pot. It is so easy and so warming and kinda light, to be honest. I made it on IG stories last week and I’ve already had people making a vegetarian version. People’s go-tos were black beans and some corn–it looks super good!

Chocolate + Orange Morning Rolls – Warm soft cinnamon rolls are what my heart wants every single morning, especially on Christmas morning.

Creamy Vegan Macaroni and Cheese – Macaroni and cheese but vegan. It’s actually creamy and tastes A LOT like real cheese. I put kale in it so it’s healthy lol.

Earl Grey Tiramisu – I love any iteration of tiramisu. This particular one is made with earl grey tea and SO GOOD.

Sweater-Weather Cranberry Apple Pie – The top of this pie looks like a sweater. I’m an artist!

Pie de Limón Bars – These cookie bars are inspired by the Peruvian dessert, Pie de Limón. But they’re in bar version which makes them a thousand times more snack-able.

Horchata Cake – I love horchata. This cake tastes exactly like horchata. Skip the prep of making horchata and buy it at the store or at your local Mexican restaurant. That’s what I did and it was worth it!

Hot Buttered Baba Au Rhum – These are a mini version of an already delicious thing. If you’ve never had baba au rhum, then you’re in for a reeeeaaalll treat.

Chocolate Caraway Buns – Chocolate and caraway sounds a little weird together but it’s not AT ALL. The two works gloriously together in these buns.

Brown Butter Orange Madeleines – Brown butter and orange is a wonderful flavor profile. I like it in savory contexts as well as sweet. It’s a nice brightness with the burnt nutty flavor from the butter. Highly recommend these fluffy ones.

Crunchy Brussels Sprouts Salad with Pecorino and Apples – This salad is what I eat when I’m not eating sweet things in the month of December. I have to have my balance and that always means a bright and cold salad.

Brown Butter Pecan Sheet Cake – This is a holiday wonderland that you can eat.

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  • Reply CJ | A Well-Read Tart December 4, 2018 at 10:45 am

    The thought of those chocolate + orange morning rolls on Christmas morning is what’s getting me through this lovely-but-hectic month. I WILL be attempting to make those for Christmas morning. Hoping to make the buns on Christmas Eve, then pop them into the fridge, and then bring them to room temp in the morning and bake them off then. *fingers crossed*

    Love so many of the sweets in this post!! I want to make them ALL!! I think this is your coziest post yet. 😀

  • Reply Mimi December 4, 2018 at 11:02 am

    Where did you get the snowflake cookie cutters, the ones without icing? Those are lovely! Great blog!

  • Reply Diana Marie December 4, 2018 at 11:20 am

    Am I right to assume the beautiful snowflake cookies featured are made using the Masala Chai Cookie recipe?